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Don't you just get tired of having to deal with a ton of marks left out by the mugs, cups and glasses alike? You're not alone in that in the UAE, especially when you're drinking something cold and beads of cold swear trailing from outside of the glass falls down to the table surface thus creating a visible stain on the table. Prevent all of that and more in style with the best drink coasters from our online store.

Have you ever wanted to feel like you're dining in an expensive restaurant from the comfort of your own home? Well, now you can. By using our easy-to-use online design tool, you can personally add your very own custom drink coasters made with either your own ideas or even something from our long list of designs for varying recipients across the UAE. You can make it out like a café or some sort, or you can even impart some wise wisdom or even a sweet message to all who are just waiting to sip their favourite drink.

Being new in the group, probably leaves you feeling a bit awkward in trying to mix in with the crowd. It probably would've been a whole lot easier if you knew where to seat, and that's where our personalized photo coasters come into the picture. It helps you to identify where you should sit and probably even the people that you'll be working closely with. All you have to do is just sit, where your face is, and everything will work out just fine.
If you happen to run a restaurant in the Emirates then chances are that your patrons would rather a whole lot and only drink a little. It's the culture in which they were born into, and will most likely continue as the years go by. Just because they drink only a little doesn't mean you don't need to make the experience something that they'll never forget. Present your drinks with a touch of class with our custom printed coasters.

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