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Unique and Customized DIY Pillow in the UAE

Ever get a backache because the sofa that you bought last year is all bent out of shape, mostly because you've been sleeping on it longer that your bed? Save your back the trouble of getting sore each and every time you want to watch some football on the television. Get our custom diy cushions to ease the pain and get your back ready for something far better than getting sore. You could even add your own designs printed onto them, be it a favourite player, your club's logo or simply a number to indicate your favourite player's jersey number in the Emirates.

As you are driving along across the E11 road, you might be comfortable sitting in the driver's seat but your passengers might beg to differ. Especially when you got old passengers, be they your parents or in-laws there's no harm in making the trip far more accommodating and comfortable for them. You can get our custom made seat cushions that is meant to ease any back pain or even any sore necks from trying to sleep while leaning against the car window in the UAE.

Do you want to bring the romance back into your dull married life? Even more so when most of the time, it's not that the love is gone but rather it was left unsaid. Nobody is going to know what you feel unless you pour it out to them. You can get creative and present your gift in most romantic yet cool way possible when you get your husband our personalised pillow gifts or you can even try and get our funky cushion covers that will certainly be of use whenever you want cuddle up with each other side by side, before professing your love to one another all over again in UAE.

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