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Cool and Custom Coasters in Dubai

Don't you just hate it? You're all set to welcome your guests only to get your tablecloth wet and damp because you didn't have a coaster to set your drinks. Adding a corkboard coaster may look nice but only when it's balanced out with some white marble texture, why not go for something more versatile that could get onto any surface with minimal fuss in our custom drink coaster that's available in a variety of shapes and sizes with plenty of template designs to choose from. Get them now, wherever you might be in the Emirates.

If you're thinking of trying to find a gift for your newlywed friends but don't know where or what to look for, then you can just head over to our online store easily accessible anywhere across the Emirates. You only need to make sure that you got something that you want to get printed, be it a photo, selfie or perhaps even a caricature of your own face. Our unique personalized coaster sets itself apart from any other coasters because you get to design anything you want on them. You could even get into the romantic mood when you get our cute coasters for her that's made to impress your wife.

Planning ahead for a picnic out in the beach or the park can be fun and exciting, but when all of the other Emiratis and expats are picnicking at the same place, you might end up getting a lot of your things get mixed up with theirs. One of the simplest way to avoid such a thing from happening is to get yourself a cool photo coaster that screams out you. You can get your own selfies printed onto them if you so wish, there're also things that you might want to try out in our online design tool. You can trial and error for which photo looks best on the coaster and proceed to get them delivered anywhere you want in the UAE.

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