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There are moments that you might want to cherish for an entire lifetime, but as digital as this world gets, the more flimsy do these memories get. What you just shot yesterday, be it a selfie, a group photo or even a memorable scenery will easily get hidden under the pile of posts be they from Instagram, WhatsApp or even Facebook. Memories were made to last, that's why we turned our passion into a service of capturing your most fond memories and have them printed on your gift. Each and every one of us, probably had a laptop or desktop be they at home or work in UAE, so getting someone personalized mouse pads.

Known to enhance the usability of the mouse compared to using a mouse directly on a table, it goes without saying that it'll glide smoothly and make your browsing or working experience that much easier. What if you could add your very own little artwork, design, quotes or even the vain ones, selfies on your mousepad, wouldn't that be something? With unlimited designing capabilities, you can create the best mouse pad and best of all, you can preview those designs or selfies on the mousepad before purchasing them in UAE, letting you choose which selfie makes you look better on it.

Gamers would probably understand the need for a mousepad, a slight bump or change in the mouse movement could change the trajectory of the bullet when playing first person shooter games. So getting a mousepad that would make everything run smoothly, and not just on screen is a necessity. Why not let your own username, favourite character to create cute mouse pads or your very own logo take centre stage by getting them printed on your mousepad. Printed in high quality so that your cool mouse pad will look exactly as you pictured it in the Emirates.

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