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To this day there are about 2.1 billion smartphone users dating back to 2016 and the numbers keep on growing. In UAE alone, there's a whopping 3.7 million smartphone users. So if you're ever thinking of getting someone a gift, then you can never go wrong with getting them our diy phone case, something that you can personally design be it using your own artworks or just something that you found on the net. Make your loved ones feel special again today.

Are you tired of keeping up with the trend? Changing smartphones on a yearly basis will probably leave hole in your bank account, arguably not all of us are born into money. So if you're looking for an alternative, then we've got the perfect one for you. Our cute phone cases can be found with varying designs and colours to suit your own style in the UAE. If your spouse happens to own an iphone, then she can just browse directly on our website for the cute and beautiful designs in our beautiful iphone cover .We've even made our designs in the form of templates so you can just add your picture into it for the finishing touch. You can even view how the end products will actually look like using our very own online design tool.

What kind of gifts can you give to your little sister who's a phone addict in the Emirates? Up to the point that won't even eat her meals without a phone in her left hand scrolling through endless feeds. If your kind words of advice won't reach her then probably through something that she holds so dear will. You can get her a specially made with love in our cute mobile covers, you can even add your lovely words of wisdom or a cute piece of advice printed alongside it.

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