It is really hard to find those special, cool gifts that teen boys would appreciate for any occasion, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, you name it. Fueled by teen angst and hormones, they are usually misunderstood for being too emotional or angry or both. These boys are going through a time where they’re trying to figure themselves out, and these gifts might just smoothen the bumpy ride of transitioning from childhood to adulthood.

You want to make sure that the gift would be something of their interest, regardless if they are your son, brother, boyfriend, best friend, or even your neighbour. You want them to appreciate it and at the same time feel impressed that you got them something they’d like. If you’ve rummaged Pinterest and still couldn’t find the perfect cool gift for him, then you are at the right place. Even if you haven’t, know this you’re still in the right place! Get the boys the cool gift that they always want!

Check out our list for the best top 12 gifts for teen boys.

1. Sony PlayStation 4

Look at that slim body. Get them here or here

Most teenage boys would love to have their hands on this gaming system that is voted as one of the best gaming consoles of 2017. The sleek design with upgraded specifications tops up other gaming consoles like the Xbox One, would surely make the teenage boy happy! If you’re extremely generous, get them their favourite games as well. 

2. Graphic Tees

Isn’t that cute? Get this DA Overwatch shirt here.

Ok, so if getting a PlayStation 4 might cause too much strain on your wallet, then getting a customisable graphic tee with sassy prints or gaming prints might be more suitable for these young boys (and you). They can showcase their love for games without you having to break your bank for it. You also can personalise the shirts here, according to their interest.

3. Mousepads

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If you’re a gamer (or at least tried it once), you’d surely get it.

When it comes to gaming, it doesn’t only have to be on their gaming console. A lot of gamers use their high-capacity PC to play multiplayer games like Dota or Overwatch. Maybe the teenage boy that your gifting gifts to are training or ‘grinding’ for the tournament that’s coming right up. They need to protect their expensive gaming mouse from scratches that could get in the way of them winning!

Put your designing skills to the test here.

4. Headphones

Who could resist that beautiful pair of headphones?

Everyone loves music, especially teens. Trust me, ask any teens, and you’ll know. They are in this phase of life where they need someone to connect to, and sometimes they build connections through music, or with music. And what better way to deepen the connection by listening to songs with a wireless Beats Headphone, with their amazing bass? 

5. Apron

Future Masterchef in the making! Get it here!

Yes, you read that right! Contrary to the popular beliefs, there are boys who love to cook, just like there are girls who love to play games. Watch Masterchef Junior and you’ll see that some teenage boys do love to cook, and one teen won! Here’s to breaking gender stereotypes, in style.

6. Sneakers

Who does not love a pair of well-made Adidas? Get this here!

Anyone can appreciate a cool pair of sneakers that are not only comfortable but also stylish. Get a pair from the teen’s favourite brand adorned with their preferred colour that surely they would love it. These sneakers might match the customised tees that you’ve bought them so they have an outfit!

7. Luggage Tag

Here to the Great Expectation! Tally-Ho! Available here.

For the boys who just love to travel and are adventurous! Their rooms are not cut out for their mind so they seek out their own great expectations. These luggage tags can be customised to their likes and dislikes and would be a good addition to their bag, and also helps them to find their bag after a long flight.

8. Denim Jacket

Get this stylish denim jacket here


Oh, don’t forget about the young adults who love to style themselves. A denim jacket is a current item of obsession for all the fashion designers. The best thing about denim jackets is they match with anything! Yes, even denim jeans. The future is now. This denim jacket is super dapper, guaranteed to make other men jealous.

9. Canvas

Sometimes we need some lift-me-ups like this one up here!

Yes, a canvas would be an awesome gift to the kind of boys who love decorations. The thing about canvasses is that they are very flexible in terms of what it looks like. You can custom made the canvas decoration with the things he likes, for example, his favourite football player. Or maybe he’s into motivational quotes, so print on some motivational quotes that you think he might like, like the one above. Customise to your hearts desire here!

10. Workout Bars

Work those biceps with those mean workout bars!

This workout bar is perfect for teenage boys who are interested in strengthening their upper body, for whatever purpose. You can diversify your workout from pull-ups, push-ups, chin-ups, dips, crunches, and much more. This workout bar is very versatile as you can use it on the floor or even hook them on the doorway! This item is perfect for boys who want to train their upper body, without going to the gym and playing with those complicated machineries.

11. Phone Cases

The beauty with the strength that could protect his phone. Look at it here!

Everyone must have dropped their phone, at least once in their lifetime. It’s not because they’re clumsy, it just happens. And, phones are crazy expensive to repair if something glitches. Why not protect their phone in style? Give this to the teen and they’ll be thankful for this protective case because most probably they’re on their phone almost all the time.

12. Gift Cards

This is one the most given gift in history but for a good reason. The fluidity of a gift card is what most people sought after. Give them a gift card from their favourite and let them get whatever they want, without any risks. Maybe the teen wants a new pair of quirky socks from Target, instead of anything fancy?

Hope that this post helped you in getting the teen a gift, regardless of the occasion. For more like this, check out our 5 Special Gifts for Your Brother. You surely won’t regret it!

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