Family is the greatest gift, if not the greatest blessing that anyone can receive. Taking some time to cherish the loves of your life instantly strengthens the natural bond you built as a family. Now it is the time to give back to them for all the things they do for you. Sometimes it is hard to put in words to describe how much family means to you. With that in mind, we have gathered 15 family quotes that you can pair with gifts to celebrate the everlasting relationship with family members.

Family Quotes (Lovely and Funny)

1. “Family is like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one.”

Even from the same family, we are all born different from one another and destined to chase our own dreams. Family is the first people that gave life, support, and aspiration required to face the real world. So don’t forget to turn back and remember the people who helped you get to where you are today.

2. “Bless this home with love and laughter”.

Family love is life’s greatest blessing that we all deserve. Life is a give and take. There are ups and downs, laugh and tears, and hugs and fights. But the most priceless gift of it all is we are able recognize the feeling of joy and how much it cures our pain.

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3. “Family where life begins and love never ends”.

The moment we stepped into this world, you know no one that loves you the way family does. Their love is unconditional and lasted longer than a lifetime. When a human body is perished, love flies into the air searching for a heavenly place lead by the soul.

4. “Together is our favourite place”.

We could go anywhere in this world to find peace but one can never find a place with the presence of loved ones. We consciously sense comfort in their arms as they tell us everything is alright as long as we have each other.

5. “Don’t Mess With Grandma-saurus, you’ll get jurasskicked”.

Grandma can be overprotective at times and there’s nothing wrong with that! Even if you have the coolest grandma, she is not the one to be messed with. Never cross this lady or she will let you have it…by eating all of the cookies she made.

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6. “What I love more about home is who I share it with”.

Some people have enough money to buy a nice house and live an excessive life. But how can they call it a home when there’s no attachment? Your shelter doesn’t have to be big and luxury because love comes from the people you choose to be around with.

7. “Happiness is a kitchen full of family”.

Family gathering is something that we always excited about especially during festive seasons. The best part is when we work together in the kitchen to prepare special food. There, we share a whole lot of stories and recall moments of childhood that bring out the joy in you.

8. “I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom”.

If you’ve seen Mean Girls, you’d wish you have a cool mom like Regina’s. Hello, you’ll keep each other young forever. In pink sweatpants, she is the one who supports everything you do. You’re doing amazing, Sweetie!

9. “Ain’t no hood like motherhood”.

It takes everything in a woman’s capacity to become a mother. Mothers are brave and strong to take care of a child. Plus, it takes someone really special to love someone more than herself. The love a mother radiates is beyond measure.

10. “Papa knows everything. If he doesn’t know, he makes stuff up really quick”.

A father is so confident and poised that you cannot tell if he is lying. Even if he does make stuffs up, he knows how to handle the truth better than anyone. That is the quality of a dad that we should learn to be more self-assured in our actions. Can you tell when your dad is dodging your questions?

11. “Back off, I have a sister and I’m not afraid to use her”.

Even though you fight a lot with your siblings especially your sister, she always have your back. Never underestimate the power of a sister. She’s a nightmare that dresses up like a daydream. When someone messes with you, just report back to a sister and she will make a bully’s life upside down!

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12. “Siblings, your only enemy you can’t live without”.

It’s funny that the first enemy anyone ever made was with their own siblings. Remember when you fought over that candy or who gets to play with the new toy? Even in present days, there’s always something to argue and sometimes things can get too warlike. Whatever the issue might be, just know you can always count on them.

13. “There is no buddy like a brother”.

Brothers don’t always discuss personal matters but that doesn’t make them any less careful to each other. He understands your decisions but question your interests simultaneously. Where can you find someone that lifts you up and puts you down just to be on the same level? Having no part higher than another is what we imagine honour and trust look like.

14. “Love makes a house a home”.

Turn any dark cold apartment into a paradise of devotion with some warming family love. Even if you are living alone, there are always ways to bring tenderness into your home. It all goes with personal decorations. Make over your walls with custom canvas, photo frames and more. Reminisce beautiful moments with family photographs or words of advice.

15. “Friends are chosen family”.

A family doesn’t always mean blood or born to each other. Sometime you’re separated by time and distance but inevitably found each other and became best friends. A best friend is someone in our life who wants you in theirs. He/she would do anything to make you happy and accept you for who you are.


Family quotes above are so perfect to define your infinite love towards them. These family quotes are quite brief yet very meaningful to show how much you appreciate their existence in your life. You can make use of these family quotes to create thoughtful personalized gifts made with the fullest heart. Are you inspired to discover more contents about family, relationship or personal liking? Head to our blog page and learn how to make someone’s or your own day through the art of gifting.