If there’s ever any doubt lingering inside your heart, it’s when you’re reading the title up top.

Well, you still want to know right?

When sparks fly, no not one the most famous song of a popular country pop artist to date.

*cough* Swift *cough* but rather it shows that the celebration of Chinese New Year is in full swing. Forget the little firecrackers you got at home, we’re going big this year. After the sheep came the monkey followed by the rooster and finally it’s time for man’s best friend to take center stage. The Dog.

Like a slang in the late 90s, you’ll find that for the most part dogs has always been around even at the time of the pharaohs, remember Anubis? Yeah. So in honouring the year of the dog we’ve compiled a list of things that you can benefit and learn from observing your dog.


1. Learning

As the title suggests, there is a way for dogs to teach human new tricks. Just as how you would mark each and every tree in the forest as to avoid going around in circles, dogs leave a mark on places that they’re familiar or simply just to mark their territory. One way, you can mark your territory without having to bear that awful stench is by having your house filled with personalised items, that’s unique and special to you. You can choose from a huge variety of items up for sale in Printcious and we even went ahead of ourselves and provided you with an easy-to-use toolkit to personalise your own gift. Particularly our personalised mugs online that will wow your friends and family.


2. Diligence

Sometimes all it takes is to just wait patiently while you keep doing what you do to achieve results, the same way how your dog would sit patiently and wait eagerly at home whilst waiting for you to come home to feed her. A timely reminder is as good a sought after advice. So get our one of a kind custom printed mouse pads, which you can customise to your heart’s content, with your very own motivational quotes to keep you on track with your goal. Whenever you feel dispirited, you can simply take a look at your mouse pad to get motivated and diligently stay on track to reach your goal.


3. Perseverance

Having perseverance doesn’t mean you have to endure it all the time, but you’re striving hard with difficulty or delay to achieve success. Doesn’t that remind you of a certain animal that never ceases to stop fetching a certain ball even after its being repeatedly thrown over and over again? So instill that perseverance inside of you with the help of our personalised t shirt that is not only beautiful but also inspirational, keeping your morale sky high in achieving your target. Like having your own personal motivational speaker to keep you on track.


4. Loyalty

Probably one of the most well-known trait in dogs is how loyal they are to their owners, that’s probably something that most people would love to have and receive. Show your loyalty and love when you celebrate the anniversary of your other half with a precious gift made just for them. Stay away from the common goods and get up close and personal with your gifts this year. Browse our lengthy list of gifts up for grabs, varying from the smallest yet significant cool designer keychains to the big and printed canvas wall art that’ll make your living room into something Picasso would be proud of.

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