Diwali has come to greet us again and what would the festive season be without the colourful rangoli decorations? Here are our top picks on rangoli designs that are sure to capture attention.

kolam-1Image credit to Jobakamemes

This is one of our top picks because of how well the colours match. It has a combination of gentle colours with high precision drawing. Take precautions however because this rangoli requires extreme dedication to be completed.

kolam-6Image credit Jobakamemes

This extravagant design combines both intricate drawing as well as a little help from nature. Lined with green potted plants to complete the look, this rangoli design will look heavenly under filtered sunlight.

kolam-5Image credit Jobakamemes

Perfect for the night, this design focuses on white lines that will be illuminated using the black light. So bust out the black light and get ready to light up the Diwali night with this exquisite rangoli piece.

For Diwali, we’ve released a few new designs to try and capture the beauty of rangoli designs.


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Printcious would also like to take this chance to wish everyone a very merry Diwali and may the light always shine the brightest for you.