It’s time to celebrate the man who taught you how to ride a bike on the streets, the man who was there to give the stink eye to your first boyfriend and the man who vowed to teach his son how to be a man. It’s Father’s Day and we want to help you show your appreciation through a thoughtful gift just for him!

Polaroid Cube Lifestyle Action Camera
For the active that dad that’s always on the go with his wife, kids and pet dog. These days, there is so much that a father can document be it his kid’s first glide down a water slide or a really impressive view from his window. I believe the Polaroid Cube is the precise tiny companion he can take with him to silently capture what makes him happy the most. Plus, the Polaroid Cube is selling for a mere third of the price of a GoPro but promises the same top-notch quality recording!

polaroid cube
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Awesome Maps Scratch Edition
Almost everyone loves traveling. So, I’m sure if your dad is a travel junkie, he’ll find this the perfect gift for Father’s day. This scratch map from Awesome Maps has a silver foil coating which allows for easy recording of your dad’s adventures around the globe. Just scratch it the same way you would a lottery ticket and voila!

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Indian Spicebox
Who says cooking is only for the women in the house? Dads are also known to make a mean dish every now and then. This Indian Spicebox by Namita Moolani Mehra is packed with a multitude of flavours all waiting to be discovered and then combined together. Plus, I’m sure your dad will also find this special gift very aesthetically pleasing. It ships for free within Singapore but a fee will be applied for orders to other countries.

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The Best Coffee Machine
They say the coffee is the man’s favourite thing in the world. Your dad is no exception to that. A coffee junkie as he is will definitely appreciate a gift that is totally going to caffeinated his world! Get him a Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machine, so that he can enjoy his fresh morning coffee just as the ones in the coffee shop. He doesn’t need to be a barista to have a great coffee. With A Mini Me Automatic Black and Red by Krups, he may discover all the greatness of a coffee with just a few clicks of a button.

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Phillips Air Fryer
Dads who love fried food can now enjoy it without the cholesterol. Philips Air Fryer an amazing new device that can fry food with air! It’s all really scientific but let’s imagine it’s MAGIC.  All he needs is a spoonful of oil, place the food inside and just relax while his french fries, fried chicken wings, nuggets or fish are cooked. Cleaning is also very easy because it has no oily mess. Great for a day with the fambam accompanied with a can of beer!

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