Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. As a boyfriend, you are thinking of getting something special and different for her compared to the previous year. This is the right place for you to try something new at Printcious! Impress your girl by giving her a memorable gift customised all by yourself.

1. Phone Case
Phone case is one of the accessory that girls usually like to protect her phone. Using a same pattern of casing could make you and her look perfect together. If you don’t like these designs,  don’t worry because there more cool couple design phone case at Printcious. If neither of these interests you or you have a specific design you want, you can always customise your own phone casing all by yourself!



Your partner doesn’t enjoy playing board and online games anymore? Then you have to think of something more interesting and fun to do together. Puzzle games can be one of a great ideas to play with her. You should get her a customised jigsaw puzzles and turning your photo together with her into puzzles. This is also can be a good gift that she can decorate her room with.

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3. Cushions
When you are away from her for outstation or you are going somewhere for a couple of weeks, she will definitely feel alone. In this situation it’s best you get her something that she can comfort her at the thought of you. A comfortable pillow will give her sweet dreams when she’s sleeping alone at night because she’s cuddling the pillow that was customised by her boyfriend.

4. Mini Tees
Girls are always love cute stuffs. This time give her something cute that she can put/hang in her car or in her room. Mini tees make adorable gifts anyway, so a personalised loving mini tee is more adorable than that! You may create something cute and funny on this mini tees and give it to her.

5. Mugs
A cup of coffee in the morning may give her more than just an energy boost. Make her day a lot better when she have her favorite coffee with your customized mug gift. Customise the mug with her favorite picture or her favorite quote to make her smile every time she looks at her mug. She would definitely feel ready to start her day.