It’s Valentine’s Day soon and if you’re not prepared she might have your head on a platter. So you might wanna get a head start in your gift hunting. Or you could just spare me a few minutes and read my suggestions for Valentines gifts for her.

1. T-shirt
Do you feel she’s most beautiful when she’s completely natural? With her hair loosely tied and wearing nothing but a cotton t-shirt and shorts at home. That’s the woman you know and as much as she disagree, that’s when she’s at her best. For Valentines this year, get her a sweet t-shirt that she’ll wear all day at home. If you’re a little overly attached to her, she might like this “Keep Calm and Love Me” t-shirt. You could also consider the more popular “I love” t-shirt.

2. Ceramic tile
Women loves decorative items. A personalised ceramic tile works as a décor as well a sweet love note. The ceramic tile comes with a stand, so she could easily prop the tile for display. While usually I would recommend you to choose cute girly decorative so she could liven up the room but it’s Valentines so let’s get her something sweet. Take a look at the “Mrs. Lipstick” is sexy yet romantic implication of a kiss.

3. Mug
I’m possessive about my mug. No one else uses my mug but me. But after a while that mug is bound to be in the possession of someone else. If it were personalised and I had my name on it, no one could ever take it away! And that’s just what you’ll do for her. Get her this cute “Happy Valentine’s Day Panda” for Valentines and she’ll never have to hunt for her mug in the office ever again.

4. Mousepad
Similar to the concept of the ceramic tile, a fancy custom-made mouse pad will liven her work desk. For Valentines get her something romantic on it. When she’s ever down at work, she’ll have your comforting words lifting her spirits. This “I Love You Everyday” is perfect for her.

5. Puzzle
While jigsaw puzzle is originally a game, it has now been adapted to a work of art. When you get your customised puzzle from Printcious, a picture frame with a prop comes with it. What I recommend that you do is scatter little pieces of jigsaw around the house and wait till she picks all the pieces and it reads a romantic message from you. Alternatively, you could use this “Be My Valentine’s” too.