The third to be covered in our week of western fast-food fare is hamburgers or burgers for short. Sometimes, fried chicken or pizza might be a tad too heavy for some who might perhaps just want a light meal or snack. That’s where burgers come into the picture. Of course, there might be some burgers that are as heavy and just as filling as fried chicken or pizza. However, if you were to compare the three side by side, you’ll see that burgers are not as oily as fried chicken and are definitely a lighter meal choice than a whole pizza. And so here we have compiled our top 5 burger chains just for you that serve the best burgers in Malaysia.

1. Burger King


Founded in 1953 and originally from the US, Burger King has been in the business of burgers for a long time. Today, there are more than seventeen thousand Burger King outlets worldwide. Did you know that Burger King was first established in Malaysia in 1997 and that its first restaurant is located at Sungai Buloh’s overhead bridge? To this day, that particular outlet is still in operation. Even though McDonald’s is the current king of all burger chains in Malaysia, the past few years have seen Burger King steadily rising in the ranks with their amazing promotions and discounts.

2. Kentucky Fried Chicken


They’re called Kentucky Fried Chicken, but fried chicken isn’t all they’re good at. Their burgers are just as amazing. No wonder as to why since they make good use of their chicken even in their burgers. With a winning meat as the main star of the burger, nothing can go wrong. Not to mention the delicious sauce and toppings that complement the filling and burger buns so well. A current favourite of ours is their Zinger Cheezilla.

3. McDonald’s


Although we’ve mentioned McDonald’s in our previous article about ‘Delicious and Crispy Fried Chicken’ along with KFC, to intentionally leave McDonald’s out of an article concerning the best burger places in Malaysia is a grave sin that we’re not willing to commit anytime soon. A bit dramatic you may say but anything regarding food is serious business. Especially when you’re writing an article about burgers with an empty stomach. Besides, McDonald’s burgers are famous worldwide. From the variety of burger choices one can get to the interesting and delicious seasonal treats, what’s not to love about McDonald’s?

4. Killer Gourmet Burgers


KGB burgers might not really fit the fast-food theme on account of their handcrafted burgers needing time to prepare and serve. Yet, they are still burgers and since we’re talking about great burger places, they definitely fit the bill. Unlike Burger King and McDonald’s where you can get their burgers at a highly affordable price through the use of coupons or currently running promotions, KGB burgers are priced slightly higher. Nevertheless, don’t let that deter you from trying their burgers at least once in your life as it is an experience to remember.

5. myBurgerLab


Another gourmetesque burger restaurant that’s a close rival to KGB is myBurgerLab. Its burger creations are said to be inspired by the burgers from popular US burger chains such as In-N-Out and Shake Shack. They even have a burger called ‘The In-N-Out’, how awesome is that? As a KGB rival, it is even priced similarly. If price isn’t an issue for you and good burgers are what you’re looking for, definitely give this a try.

And that dear readers wraps up our week of western fast-food fare. Our discussion has travelled all the way from fried chicken to pizza and lastly burgers. Out of these three types of fast food options, what’s your favourite? Instead of saying it out loud to anyone who’s willing to lend an ear or quietly murmuring to yourself the answer, why not create a custom tee shirt that shows your love for a particular type of food? T-shirts not your thing? Then head on over to Printcious’ online gift store to see the various other custom-made gift items we have on display.