Dogs are very expressive animals. Don’t let you dog’s body language be misinterpreted . Find out what your dog is telling you

What more can be said for men’s best friend, they’re cute and cuddly when they’re just puppies and can evolve into your own personal bodyguard when they reach adulthood in about a year. Unless you’re keeping a pomeranian or chihuahua as pets, then you’re more than likely to end up with a small yet deadly bodyguard than a big and strong K9 or a bulldog. Whether you’re stuck with a bite-sized pup or a personal bolster for you to hug when you’re all alone in bed, there’s still a need to communicate with them. Outside of the usual fetch and sit, here’s a few things that you can learn to find out what your dog is trying to tell you.

Your Dog Feels Bored.

Dogs are rather expressive, even when you don’t really know what they’re saying. Don’t let your dog’s barking be misinterpreted, there’s a really simple way to understand your dog just by reading his body language. If he continues to follow you around and seems starved for attention or when he loses interest in current interaction, toys or activities. You might also notice how they’re prone to incessant barking or whining. There’re a few handy tips on how to prevent a bored dog, one of which is to simply take them out for a walk and if that doesn’t work, then getting him to doggy daycare or getting him a new toy would be immense. So there’s no need for you to worry the next time your dog looks restless, just follow one of these instructions and you’ll be fine.

Your Dog Feels Excited

Isn’t it a bit too obvious when he’s wagging his tail whenever he’s looking at you with those big brown eyes. For those of you who still can’t get a clue, it means he’s excited. Raising the level of excitement is when you see them running and jumping around boisterously, they may even make high-pitched barks. One of the best indicator is seeing their tail wagging wide and fast with their tongues sticking out. The best way to calm down an overly-excited dog is to simply project calmness yourself, if you are jittery and excited, your dog will mirror it. Learn also to reward your dog by giving him treats, if that doesn’t work then putting him on a leash should do the trick, and it’ll also help you keep control when visitors are exciting your dog.

Your Dog Feels Scared

Look at the ears, look at how they’re pointing back and down. Their tail might also be pointing downwards and may even be tucked between the legs. Make him feel safe again by figuring out just what it is that’s scaring him and introduce it to him slowly and in a safe way. Making your dog comfortable in a calming way also helps, soothing your dog into feeling safe and secure will remedy the behaviour. You could even distract him from his fears by getting him to focus on something else and rewarding him with a treat.

Your Dog Feels Threathened

This is probably the moment where you’re all familiar with, when he growls and bares his teeth while having his tail standing straight up in front of a stranger that was looking suspiciously at your home. It’s not a sign of them being angry, the opposite actually. They feel threatened about their safety and possibly yours as well especially when the whites of eyes become visible. They may even be standing as though they’re ready to lunge forward at any given time. An aggressive dog can be dangerous to you and those around you so it’s important to consult a professional in the business if the problem persists. You could even consider using a muzzle as a precaution if your dog has the tendency to bite or be aggressive. Try to find what triggers  your dog’s aggression and remove them from those situations.

Your Dog Feels Happy

When their mouth is relaxed or loose and tongue may hangout, with relaxed almond shaped eyes, that’s when you know that they’re happy. Their tail will wag incessantly, you can keep them happy when you keep your dog’s food and water fresh and clean. If your dog gets sad when you leave, you can’t really fault them because they’re just that close to you. Sometimes, there’s no two ways about it. You just have to let them get used to it, because otherwise they’d get too clingy with you. Schedule regular checks for your dog and remember to bring them out on walks and also give them time to run and play outdoors.

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