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Men always think it’s hard to get a gift for women, but it’s really not that difficult. A woman isn’t as complicated as you think, and the things that she want she already has but she wants it either more or better. Or if she don’t already have it, trust me she won’t stop talking about it. Essentially, the trick to picking out a gift for a woman is paying attention. If you’re still at loss on what to get her, Printcious has some fool proof gift ideas to save you from your doom.

1. My Husband Has A Wonderful Wife T-Shirt
This is your opportunity to show you wife that she is one amazing human being, not just as your spouse. She is the definition of a strong woman, the one that feeds you literally, intellectually and most important, emotionally. It is just a simple typography t-shirt but the quote carries so much weight especially when you have raised a family together. You can also find the same design for husband, one for her and you put on the other one.

2. Fragrance
A woman will not step out with confidence without a spritz of her perfume. She could be wearing the perfect dress and have the most beautiful makeup on, but the fear of smelling sweaty or musky would keep her distraught the whole evening. You might be thinking, oh she already owns a perfume. And that’s where you’re severely wrong. Having just ONE perfume is just like having that ONE dress. You can’t keep wearing the same dress out the same way she believes she needs options for her scent. This is why Perfume is the number a crucial gift for a woman – she’ll never have too many!

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3. Customized Puzzle
With so much happening in the world right now, we all rather stay at home and spend quality time with partner, family and pet. Kill some time with one of the most popular board games at home, jigsaw puzzle. It has taken a new role in a household to save humanity from boredom. Normal jigsaw can be so boring and your girl might have already one with the one you sent last week. Next time, get her a personalized version with photos so she will have some kind of sweet flashbacks or an embarrassing ones. Either way, it still brings smile to her face.

4. Spa Treatment
You know you do that thing when she tells you she’s upset about something “silly” and she’s stressed out over something “small” and you just tell her to get over it? Or even worse. You tell her what she should do to fix it. Never tell a woman after her biggest rant what she should be doing to fix it. A woman doesn’t need you to tell her how to fix it. If she knows she can, she will. She just wants you to lend an ear and give her a pat on the back for being such a trooper! And if you don’t have the capacity of patience to do that? Get her a spa treatment. Hey, at least you’re trying!


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5. Coaster
Don’t mess with a woman with a serious OCD. Literally, don’t make a mess. Spills from a coffee mug will drive her cray-cray and trust, you don’t want that. Here when coaster comes to save the you from the doomsday. Besides your relationship, it also protects the dinner table form sticky droplets of your drink at the same time accessorize the dining area a little bit. It’s cool to give a her a custom-print coaster because it shows that you are personally hygiene and it matters that you guys practice it together.

6. Candle Light Dinner
A woman (very different from a girl) does everything. She goes to work, she takes care of the kids, she takes care of you and the house to top it off. So if it’s a special occasion, let her only worry be about what she’s going to wear, not what she has to cook. If you can’t cook yourself, that’s fine. Call up a restaurant and set up a candle light dinner just for two. Not with the kids, not with your besties, and definitely not a double date. If you’re the rare breed of men that can cook, then cook her your best meal, set up the table and (the most important part) you don’t make her clean up after.

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7. Phone Casing
Everyone needs a phone casing for safety purposes. Without proper safety gear, if you drop your phone you might have it end up getting scratched or worse. If you can afford to buy yourself a nice phone, why not get yourself a nice casing to go with it? The market of smart phone casing is too wide and saturated, yet designs remain mundane and tacky to a point your woman might have already given up on phone casings and settled with a flip cover! With Printcious you can get her something special and unique. You can choose from the multiple designs in our gallery or create your own!

8. Kitchen Tools
If you’re not careful, this might come off as an insensitive gift. While this might make the perfect gift for the women in your life (be it your mum or wife), IF they love cooking. If they don’t like cooking at all, there is a slight chance they might throw the gift back at you (so to be safe, don’t get a knife). If she does love cooking, you might consider getting her things like branded pots and pan, or things she’s always wanted for her kitchen.

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9. Pendant Necklace
If the woman you’re getting gifts for admires simplicity in her style, pendant necklace could be the perfect one for her. Its sleek appearance can be a final touch to her day-to-day outfit. No too much, it sits just nice around her neck. By now, you must already know her personal taste so you can personalize this necklace according to what she likes. Print her initials or pretty photo on the pendant to infuse personal character into this gorgeous necklace.

10. Artistic Wall Art
She may not seem like an interior designer but every woman loves to make over personal space up to their beauty standard (or even better). You see, there are tons of decorative items you can get at Ikea or Kaison but hardly anything you can find to satisfy specific preference. Sometimes color is not right, too small or not attractive enough. But where do we start? Let’s introduce her to artistic canvas prints and begin to admire the marvelous work. You might want to study her taste deeper and initiate a survey on various types of artwork ranging from painting, digital work or photography.

11. Fragrant Candle
If you think you think candle light dinner and perfume are overrated, just combine them into one. You’ll have the best of both worlds with a fragrant candle. Some men might not understand the hype over fragrant candle and say “Why can’t these people just use a normal air freshener?”. Well, the fragrances used in the candles are essential oil functions to stimulate our body senses when lighted up. Thousands of aromas you can find out there with their own benefits, some even calm down your blood pressure. So people especially women don’t just fancy its nice smell or trying to look cool, they use fragrant candle for a positive mood shift.

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12. Kitchen Apron
Either an expert cook or a commis chef, she must be sick of flipping through a cookbook with greasy hands. With an apron, she can easily manage the splashing hot gravy and thumbing through the recipe smoothly at the same time. Customize a one in a million apron design to make her feel special and loved. A delightful kitchen apron brings the joy in the art or cooking plus, you will get to enjoy mouth-watering meal in return.

13. Girl Power T-shirt
This is for women out there who are driven to show the world they can do and deserve more than what they are traditionally portrayed as. As her boyfriend or husband, showing support to women empowerment movement makes you a better man. This emancipating t-shirt symbolizes a love letter not just for the woman you love, but all strong women in your life like mother, sisters or a friend. Social justice and environmental issues have become top global discussion topic over the last few years. With strong conscious, Printcious provides an inexhaustible supply of empowering graphic t-shirt designs for everyone to explore.

14. Valentine’s Pillow
Happens once a year, February 14 is the most anticipated date by all lovers anywhere in the world. Some girls get proposed while other couples are having a romantic candle light dinner. However, 2020’s pandemic has cancelled many of your intimate plans including annual Valentine date. While you celebrate differently this year, surprise your girlfriend with this cute Valentine’s pillow delivered to her home. You should also stylize it with your own pictures or words printed on it. Whenever she misses your face, she can hug it and feel your presence.

15. ‘You Can’ Rainbow Color Mug
The way that this mug is really cute is already perfect, but the simple motivational quote? Brilliant! The soft rainbow colors match well with the pink holder and interior endearing its whole appearance. It’s a perfect gift for her to wish her luck in doing something very important like going for interview, to be a part in a competition or anything that requires your support. On the other hand, she can flaunt her way to get coffee from the office pantry.

16. Surprise Flowers
A lot of girls get flowers only on time in the whole year, only on Valentine which is the most predictable thing that can happen. Why don’t you give her flowers on the day which she least expecting it? Instead of waiting for Valentine to come, surprise the girl of your life after she had a tiring day at the office or spent a day attending classes. This way, she automatically shifts into a better mood and be less grumpy with you.

17. Buy Her Favorite Food
After a long day at work, we always debating what to have for dinner. Tired and hungry, decision making is quite hard because you need to satisfy both tongues. However, you got to follow what’s in her mind instead and have it her way. If your girl likes noodle, make sure to keep it waiting for her before she arrives home. Now, buying food is easy without having to leave the comfort of your arm chair. Just use some delivery apps to get her food in no time.

18. Shopping Bag
This might be like an unusual gift for a girl but never underestimate the level of convenience it offers when she goes grocery shopping. At the checking out counter, she doesn’t have to request for plastic bags to carry all the stuffs and pay extra money for it. Other than all that, it is an eco-friendly contribution towards better environment. Any sort of bags will do for example tote bag or drawstring bag. You might want to get her a nice design or customize it on your own to suit her perfectly.

19. Heart-shaped Photo Rock
Take a lovely photo of both of you and print it on a photo rock. What a photo rock? It is basically a piece of rock cut and polished specially to have your photo printed on its surface. Photo rock is like a photo frame but different in so many ways. It has a distinctive edgy appearance making it the center of attention among other displays in the house. A heart-shaped photo rock is the most appropriate one for your girlfriend.

20. Let Her Shop For You
Most girls really love shopping for their men especially when getting new clothes for the boys. Give her a chance to make over your head-to-toe style because she knows exactly what you desperately need. Letting your girlfriend to make decision for you is also a therapeutic gift for yourself because you can learn your outlook and assess the way people see you on a daily basis. Admit it, you do need her help. If you don’t like what she picks, you can always return them. Suggest where is your favorite place to shop or what you like to wear for example, graphic t-shirt and blue jeans.

21. Custom Table Clock
Keeping time will never be the same for her anymore with this sleek and modern customizable table clock (Yes, you heard that right). Now you can print a photo of yourself or her on this clock and the first thing she sees in the morning is sweet moments with you. The clock comes with a polished glass surface ‘amping’ its clean look perfect for someone who wants nothing but simplicity in their style

22. Royal Queen Tote Bag
As a king, let her know that she owns the throne as a royal queen by your side. This tote bag is a brilliant canvas to showcase that joint power you possess as a couple. The playing card theme is so appropriate in this context as we know in a relationship, there’s presence of trust, sacrifice and strategy in a give and take notion, just like playing cards. This may looks like a lot to process but it will make sense later.

23. Quality Moments Away From Crowds
After all that went down amid the Covid-19 pandemic has left us with an inevitable torture. Now it’s time to reclaim the valuable time that was lost with the girl you love at Covid-compliance locations. Run away from the hectic city life and step into the nature to rejuvenate your body and mind health. There is so much you can do together like enjoy a  romantic hike or morning breeze walk and watch the sunrise. Sometimes spending time in scenic view values more than material gifts. So go ahead, plan your next sweet escape with her using travel booking services like Klook, Wego or Agoda.

24. Painting Kit For a Creative Lady
Women love a man the makes them feel witnessed, heard and supported. All her impressive talents, existential flaws
and passion should be understood and validated by you. For instance, if she has a strong passion in the art world and very good at painting, give her something to empower her talent. This painting kit is a perfect gift to show what she does makes her so special. You may find expensive painting sets out there but just what anything you can afford. She surely appreciate anything from you.

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25. Cute Photo Magnets
This may be most humble gift of all which is a custom magnetic photo badge. Don’t underestimate these cute guys because sometimes the simplest thing is the one that’s heavily appreciated. Let her have your lovely pictures preserved in this magnet to stick it on the fridge, whiteboard or anywhere else. This is an ideal gift for every couple out there. Humbly great!

26. Ceramic Tile
You must have so many photos with her that are currently living rent-free in your phone right? What are you going to do with those pictures that you rarely see? Why don’t you print them out in a form of ceramic tile. Yes, you heard that right. Like photo rocks, it’s an eye catching photo frame for the living room display. Gift one to her as a birthday or Valentine’s Day present, or just give it for no apparent reason at all. Now that’s what we call a meaningful surprise.

27. Korean Heart Sign Pillow
This love sign has a colossal impact in pop culture today. Every swipe of the way, you can see teenagers and many adults crossed their index finger and thumb to symbolizes love and peace on social media. (It’s the new ‘it’ thing). If your girlfriend is heavily influenced by K-pop music and films, you might want her to have this cute heart sign pillow. Get your aegyo together and impress her with your Korean-style flirting skill. Whatever you do, just don’t get slapped in the face.

28. Luggage Tag
I bet both of you are super excited for your next travel plan together. You all wished that this getaway to be perfect without hustle. Little did anyone expect, stress begins at the airport when you cannot relocate your luggage or even worse, someone accidentally took yours. No more crying out loud if you have customized luggage tag that helps you distinguish from others easily. Get her and yourself a special tag for check-in baggage so your dream trip stays away from petty issues.

29.  MasterClass Membership
At this point, your girl might already have subscribed to Netflix, Spotify, Apple Music and whatnot. Those are great in fact essential, but a year-long MasterClass membership is possibly something she never knew she needed. It is a platform where everyone can learn new thing or to really discover more about their curiosities rather than let the thoughts poke through and gone. The classes are hosted by well-known celebrities and industry leaders like Gordon Ramsay, Natalie Portman, Neil deGrasse Tyson and more. Get cozy and watch these amazing classes with her during free times. Get smarter everyday.

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30. Personalized Mask
We really thought 2020 would be a prosperous year for all. We never saw it coming but as the Coronavirus outbreak hit, we all went down with it. As a couple, you guys rarely see each other an masks should be on each time you go on a date. Instead of the boring white and blue surgical mask, make it fashion with personalized mask. Send her one as a gift to flaunt during a once-in-a-month date.