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Men always think it’s hard to get a gift for women, but it’s really not that difficult. A woman isn’t as complicated as you think, and the things that she want she already has but she wants it either more or better. Or if she don’t already have it, trust me she won’t stop talking about it. Essentially, the trick to picking out a gift for a woman is paying attention. If you’re still at loss on what to get her, Printcious has some fool proof gift ideas so save you from your doom.

1. Fragrance
A woman will not step out with confidence without a spritz of her perfume. She could be wearing the perfect dress and have the most beautiful makeup on, but the fear of smelling sweaty or musky would keep her distraught the whole evening. You might be thinking, oh she already owns a perfume. And that’s where you’re severely wrong. Having just ONE perfume is just like having that ONE dress. You can’t keep wearing the same dress out the same way she believes she needs options for her scent. This is why Perfume is the number one gift for a woman – she’ll never have too many!

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2. Spa Treatment
You know you do that thing when she tells you she’s upset about something “silly” and she’s stressed out over something “small” and you just tell her to get over it? Or even worse. You tell her what she should do to fix it. Never tell a woman after her biggest rant what she should be doing to fix it. A woman doesn’t need you to tell her how to fix it. If she knows she can, she will. She just wants you to lend an ear and give her a pat on the back for being such a trooper! And if you don’t have the capacity of patience to do that? Get her a spa treatment. Hey, at least you’re trying!

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3. Candle Light Dinner
A woman (very different from a girl) does everything. She goes to work, she takes care of the kids, she takes care of you and the house to top it off. So if it’s a special occasion, let her only worry be about what she’s going to wear, not what she has to cook. If you can’t cook yourself, that’s fine. Call up a restaurant and set up a candle light dinner just for two. Not with the kids, not with your besties, and definitely not a double date. If you’re the rare breed of men that can cook, then cook her your best meal, set up the table and (the most important part) you don’t make her clean up after.

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4. Phone Casing
Everyone needs a phone casing for safety purposes. Without proper safety gear, if you drop your phone you might have it end up getting scratched or worse. If you can afford to buy yourself a nice phone, why not get yourself a nice casing to go with it? The market of smart phone casing is too wide and saturated, yet designs remain mundane and tacky to a point your woman might have already given up on phone casings and settled with a flip cover! With Printcious you can get her something special and unique. You can choose from the multiple designs in our gallery or create your own!


5. Kitchen Tools
If you’re not careful, this might come off as an insensitive gift. While this might make the perfect gift for the women in your life (be it your mum or wife), IF they love cooking. If they don’t like cooking at all, there is a slight chance they might throw the gift back at you (so to be safe, don’t get a knife). If she does love cooking, you might consider getting her things like branded pots and pan, or things she’s always wanted for her kitchen.

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