When looking for a good wife gift, consider personalised gifts for her. Never fail to impress your wife with how you constantly find ways to love her. These days, a personal touch always seems to make a woman go weak in the knees. Show her that you listen and observe by personalising one of our gift items!

Mrs Always Right
You know you want to get this, especially if you’re getting a present for your gal pal. Have a sense of humour and gift this cushion to someone who is a wife. Her husband might not appreciate it but it’s bound to be the punch line of many…discussions.


Couple Phone Cases
A lot of the time couples wear couple t-shirts. Pfft, that’s so last season (although we do have some great pairs in our shop). Take it one step further and get a matching set of phone cases. It’s something you can use EVERYDAY and it’s pretty darn cute, if you ask me.


Master of Multitasking
One thing we can all agree on is that a wife is almost always a multitasker, especially if she’s a mother. God knows what our own mothers have been though with us (>.>). Have pride your wife’s abilities and be happy that she’s around to make your life a wonderful one.


Shirt Stealer
Women in general sometimes like stealing from someone else’s closet. Why, you ask? Why not? Now with this personalised shirt, you can tell everyone about how you love you wife’s peculiar habit. 😉


Warrior not Worrier
Help your woman let go of things that are out of her control with this daily mantra. Help inspire her to contemplate how someone else would handle a situation. Remind her with this shirt that she has the strength to push through.



Some women enjoy taking photos and maybe your wife takes it further a notch. With all the collection of selfies she has in store on her phone, you might want to surprise her with a personalised photobook