Valentine’s Day, once a popular Christian holiday has become well received worldwide as a celebration of love. It has also become the most nerve-wrecking occasion of the year! It’s just the same every year where couples stress over what to get their significant other. While you might be overwhelmed with the high expectation of what to give your man, Printcious will give you a few Valentine gift ideas for him.

  1. Custom Printed Tee
    Men will never have “too many” t-shirts. It’s their bread and butter of apparel. So why not get him a romantic t-shirt for Valentines? But be very careful when buying a clothing item for a man. It is rumoured that when a female knows her man well enough to buy him a perfect t-shirt, he will marry her. So make sure you really like the guy because we won’t be responsible for broken hearts!

    If you’re looking for something simple yet meaningful, he might like this Red Blue Love t-shirt. But if you’ve got guy that loves a good laugh, this “Game Over” t-shirt is the perfect t-shirt for him.

  2. Custom-Made Mousepad
    Personally, I think mousepad is an extension of your limbs to to make work or playing video game easier. That’s is just a general function of it. Help your boyfriend to defeat his cyber enemies with a one in a million mousepad. The one that you designed specifically for him.

    If you’re not really familiar with designing, don not worry because Printcious offers thousands of design templates you can utilize to make his dream mousepad a reality.

  3. Customizable Perfume
    Everybody wants to have a boyfriend that always smell amazing. Having an appealing body is very important to make sure your date goes smoothly. So get your man a bottle of a manly and ideal perfume that suits his personality. Maison 21 G lets people customize a fragrance based on their personality, existing fragrant or preferred ingredients.

    Study your man’s behavior. Is he an out going person or more of a reserved type? What kind of scent that’s very familiar with him? Look at his shampoo, room freshener, or simply the fabric conditioner. Maison 21 G will let you know what perfume is right for him.

  4. Personalised Photo Mugs
    You thought t-shirts made a statement? A customised mug does just as well except it has more versatility as compared to a t-shirt. Mugs is mainly used to hold his beverage but it can also be used as a holder for objects like office stationery or his toothbrush.

    This adorable Skeleton Heart design I sure to leave him at “aww”. Get your design mode on to stylize this design with your name, words or even photo. If you wish to keep it simple, just write down your initials so the design will not be overshadowed with too many elements. 

  5. Custom-Printed Cushion
    One of the common ways of showing affection is hugging someone. But when you’re not around, what is he gonna be hugging? To keep him from hugging anyone else, get him a customised cushion case! At Printcious, we don’t only give you customised gift solution, we also save relationships! Check out this Moustache Man cushion. If he has a moustache just like this, he would absolutely love it.

    Photo: Shutterfly

  6. Wireless Charger
    In this era of technology almost everything is going wireless. A trillion dollar company, Apple has recently removed connecting cables from the new iPhone 12 to minimize their carbon footprints. The only way to charge your gadgets is to go with wireless charging. The idea here is make his life easier, no more tangling plastic wires.

    You might want to customize this device with lovely pictures and texts. Find more inspirations and tips on how to choose wireless charger to buy as there are countless variations to pick.

  7. Printed Ceramic Tile
    After you’ve said it a million times, you’re now out of ideas to express how much he means to you. You’ve done it all before – cards, little love notes and now you’re looking for something different to get him. Consider ceramic tiles for your man. Now your love note will be sealed with a kiss forever! “You and Me Love You” is our more popular romantic design. It’s simple and it sends a warm loving message.

  8. Best Boyfriend Award
    You do realise that a good man is who always provide right? Either emotionally or other stuffs, if you know what I mean? I believe this is the right time to award him as the best boyfriend ever literally, with a nice trophy. It shows the funny and quirky side of you that he always admires a lot. Gifting should always be fun especially when it involves the love of your life. So don’t be afraid to shift away from ordinary. Get quirky!

    Photo: Groovy Guy Gifts

  9. Engraved Shaving Kit
    Don’t ever think that beauty is any less important for the guys. Make sure that your boyfriend has enough supply of amenities especially for facial grooming. This retro shaving set consists of razor, scissors and a sharpening tool! What a classy way to groom. The best part is you can engrave your boyfriend’s name on everything. I bet he’ll be shock to receive this.

  10. Canvas Print
    He may not seems like an art collector but he would definitely appreciate if you make it feel like home. Canvas is not just a piece of home decoration, it also portrays one’s personal liking. It’s safe to say that canvas brings the unspeakable aura to the room along with comfort. So get him a canvas that perfectly complements his choice of style. Print your own photos to remind him of the love you two are madly in.

    In case you slipped trying to look for designs, Printcious has carefully sorted out its canvas designs in specific categories so you can browse them easily.

    Photo: Camdy

  11. Storage Case
    This one is a multipurpose gift suitable for any type of man. It comes in handy to help him organizing his precious things like accessories, gadgets or loose change. I know you’re sick of his messy dresser table and storage case can possibly the right solution for that. Let’s aim for a clutter-free dresser table! This personalized wooden storage case might seem like a huge splurge but we’re confident he’ll like it so much and it lasts forever and a day.


  12. Custom Bed Sheet
    Get rid of his old, dirty and boring bed sheet because god knows when was the last time he got it washed. Surprise your boyfriend this valentine with one in a million bed sheet. Why? Because you designed it yourself! is a place that allows you to create your own bed cover with personal design. As a gift for him, you can try to match the color or design that complement his bedroom theme.

  13. Necklace
    Now that he has a nice case to store some accessories, it’s time get him an actual accessory. We insist you to buy a personalised necklace as finishing touch in his day-to-day style. Find significant phrases to be engraved on pendants like your names or birthdate. Anything that he wants to remember every moment.

    You can find quite a number of designs, shapes and materials out there. Most popular of all, the military necklace with metal chain because it possesses a masculine touch.

  14. Luggage Tag
    I bet both of you are super excited for your next travel plan together. You wish all want this getaway to be perfect without hustling. Little did anyone expect, stress begins at the airport when you cannot locate your luggage or even worse, someone accidentally took yours. No more crying out loud if you have customized luggage tag that helps you distinguish from others easily. Get him and yourself a special tag for check-in baggage so your dream trip stays away from petty issues.

    Photo: Diary Malaysia

  15. Personalised Journal
    Today, not many people are writing journal anymore, well at least the old fashion way. They often opt for digital notes to write on but where is the fun in that? If your boyfriend loves to write, buy him a journal to pour his thoughts out. Now you can order a custom journal with very minimal effort. Just choose the cover material and its size, and design the cover together with layout. Whenever he feels inspired or traveling, he will jot down anything he finds interesting.

  16. Personalised Face Mask
    We really thought 2020 would be a prosperous year for all. We never saw it coming but as the Coronavirus outbreak hit, we all went down with it. As a couple, you guys rarely see each other but masks should be on at all time. Instead of the boring white and blue surgical mask, make it fashion with personalised mask. Send him one as a gift because as I said, you guys don’t get to meet as often to do it in person.

  17. Coaster
    When giving presents to a man, substitute the cost with functionality meaning spend less on useful things. Lucky that coaster is another gift idea that doesn’t cost so much but its practicality is preserved. You don’t need to spend big money on something that is so useful.

    Many of us unaware that coasters do a great job just by lying flat on the table. Coasters make life so much easier especially for working people that desperately in need of coffee every morning. Your man already got 99 problems but cleaning spills on his keyboard should not be one

    Photo: Yusic Malaysia

  18. Engraved Kalimba Thumb Piano
    Kalimba thumb piano is the perfect gift whether he likes music or otherwise. With its small size, it literally looks like a miniature piano which he can play around anywhere to kill boredom. Or he will be able to listen to the soothing tunes when longing to see you.

    There are variety of shapes, sizes and colors of thumb piano  to chose at Yusic Malaysia. Pick one that you think will suit his style. Plus, you can have his name or some patterns engraved on its wooden surface for free!

  19. Customized Puzzle
    What better way to spend free time than figuring out jigsaw puzzle? I know, there’re are a lot of other activities but imagine solving a photo puzzle of your dearest people. It possesses the beauty of its own. It literally epitomizes all of you completing each other’s lives as you put the pieces together.

    Online gifts store like Printcious allows to customize your own puzzle with an easy-to-use online tool. Just choose a template of choice and upload the lovely group photo of you and him. It surely is one of the most special gifts for Valentines.

  20. Sports Flask
    Complete his sport essentials with a very personal yet practical sport flask. Not like any other sport flasks, this one is specially made for him. You can top it off with his initials, photos or motivational quotes to inspire him while exercising. Now he has a permanent water bottle instead of buying the plastic mineral water over and over. What good is a healthy body but poor environmental consciousness?

    Photo: Camdy

  21. Photo Cube Box
    I’m sure your boyfriend has shown you some old photos back when he was a little child. They were all kept in a dusty photo album that has not been touched in a long while. Bring back his memories of the past with this very cute photo box so he can witness everyday. It holds up to 5 photos and also can be used as storage box to store other stuffs. 2 in 1 I’d say. Personalise with some wordings, important dates or even wishes onto this wooden photo cube box today.

  22. Money Bank
    Saving money is way harder than making it because we tend to expect our savings grow overnight. Commonly, we also don’t realise how much money scattered around the house. In that case, help your boyfriend to gather all loose change that he can possibly find and put it in a single money bank. It sounds like an awesome activity to do in free time. Scavenger hunt! Design this money bank with a specific purpose for example travel, new shoes, honeymoon or fancy date.

  23. Drawstrings Bag
    Drawstring bags are a simplified version of a normal backpack for those who are always on the go. Either for sports or traveling, drawstring bag is useful to carry around small yet important things. Get your designing mode ready because it can be modified to your man’s personal taste. Add some unique graphics, quotes, or his favorite jersey number so he knows this is specially made for him.

    Photo: NSJ Stylish Store

  24. Wooden Card Shaped USB Drive
    Extend your idea of personalization to his working table. We all seen different types and shapes of USB drive on the market today but wait until you see this wooden card shaped drive. Yes, you can personalise this gadget to make it specifically about him. Whenever he’s not using it, just flip the USB and it will look and feel like a normal card. Definitely fit in his pocket to be carried around from places to places.

  25. Personalised Aprons
    Does he like cooking? If yes, this will be the best option for a gift during Valentines. Don’t you want to see him wearing a cute apron when preparing a delicious food for you? Especially when it’s you who gave it to him. This machine washable apron will definitely protect his clothing from food splashes and spills making tidy cooking a lifestyle. Order now before the next dinner at his place.

  26. Custom Table Clock
    Everyone has a clock at their house but what about a personalized table clock? The one that you can put photos, texts and patterns of your own. This particular clock is not like any other you’ve seen. Its face is made out is made out of tempered glass giving it a sleek look. This kind of style is synonymous with with guys who love simplicity their appearance. If your boyfriend is the guy I’m talking about, no doubt that this clock is perfect for him.

    Photo: Giftr

  27. Personalised Leather Pulling Keyholder
    The key to an intimate relationship is knowing where to keep the key. Just kidding, (mostly) but a keyholder makes life a lot easier. Either he owns an expensive car or a house with a thousand keys, this leather pulling keyholder can help him store keys safely, in-style and most importantly, trying to relocate them. We know the hustle when you couldn’t find your car key right?

  28. Custom Photo Rocks
    Sometimes boys can get tired of regular gifts. Some of them prefer something way out of ordinary to go with their edge and hard-knock-life. Hard like this photo rock. A photo rock is basically a polished rock specially design for photo printing. For me, it is one of the most spectacular house decorations that’s definitely stand out among the rest. Find the most suitable design on Printcious website that goes along with his personality.

    Photo: Umade

  29. Personalised World Map
    This is rather a rare gift to be given to anyone but trust me, it’s a brilliant idea. The concept of having a world map in a house is aimed to tell you that there is a lot more to discover than what we’re seeing. This a great gift for a man who is hungry to explore new things in his life. This head-turning world map is a perfect touch for decoration and adding an exclusive feeling to his personal space.

  30. Custom Photo Magnet
    We are ending this with the most humble gift of all, a custom magnetic photo badge. Don’t underestimate these cute guys because sometimes the simplest thing is the one that is heavily appreciated. He can have your lovely pictures preserved in this magnet and stick it on the fridge, whiteboard or anywhere else. This is an ideal gift for every couple out there. Humbly great!