Valentine’s Day, once a popular Christian holiday has become well received worldwide as a celebration of love. It has also become the most nerve-wrecking occasion of the year! It’s just the same every year where couples stress over what to get their significant other. While you might be overwhelmed with the high expectation of what to give your man, Printcious will give you a few Valentine gift ideas for him.

  1. Custom Printed Tee

Men will never have “too many” t-shirts. It’s their bread and butter of apparel. So why not get him a romantic t-shirt for Valentines? But be very careful when buying a clothing item for a man. It is rumoured that when a female knows her man well enough to buy him a perfect t-shirt, he will marry her. So make sure you really like the guy because we won’t be responsible for broken hearts! If you’re looking for something simple yet meaningful, he might like this Couple Sign t-shirt. But if you’ve got guy that loves a good laugh, this “Game Over” t-shirt is the perfect t-shirt for him.

  1. Custom-Made Mouse Pad

Do you love cake? I love cake. But if you had to choose cake and your man, that would be a tough decision to make (sorry hubby!). Although it does make you pretty fat so I guess cake and the boyfriend are at a tie. I love You Like I Love Cake has never been more appropriate for this occasion.

  1. Personalised Photo Mugs

You thought t-shirts made a statement? A customised mug does just as well except it has more versatility as compared to a t-shirt. Mugs is mainly used to hold his beverage but it can also be used as a holder for objects like office stationery or his toothbrush. This adorable You and Me Vector design I sure to leave him at “aww”.

  1. Custom-Printed Cushion

One of the common ways of showing affection is hugging someone. But when you’re not around, what is he gonna be hugging? To keep him from hugging anyone else, get him a customised cushion case! At Printcious we don’t only give you customised gift solution, we also save relationships! Check out this Moustache Man cushion. If he has a moustache just like this, he would absolutely love it.

  1. Printed Ceramic Tile

After you’ve said it a million times, you’re now out of ideas to express how much he means to you. You’ve done it all before – cards, little love notes and now you’re looking for something different to get him. Consider ceramic tiles for your man. Now your love note will be sealed with a kiss forever! “You and Me Love You” is our more popular romantic design. It’s simple and it sends a warm loving message.

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