Relationships are hard, in general. There’s always ups and downs that we have to go through to make things work. Sacrifices and compromises keep you stronger together. Often times, you will see yourself grow or perish. Either way, love is the goal. During this pandemic, couples often opt for long distance relationships or LDR and find themselves struggling to maintain the connection. So how do couples make a long distance relationship work?

LDR tips

How To Make LDR Work?

A lot of people think that LDR is never going to work out.  Some discourage it because they never found the way to work things correctly. Nobody told anyone that it is going to be easy as things can get complicated.

LDR may be hard but they have their own magical experiences too. Here are some of the tips to make a long distance relationship work. We believe these tips can help you go through these troubled times with your significant other.

1. Stay Connected

First and foremost, you’ve got to always stay connected with your partner, healthily. There are tons of mobile apps that can give you access to someone’s life like Whatsapp, iMessage or other social medias that allow you make video calls. Keeping track with each other’s social media can help juice up your conversations. Send memes, pictures, tweets or anything that reminds you of them as it shows that you both are always thinking of each other. Keep him or her close on social media

This helps you to keep track of their activities from a distance and allows you to connect stronger even though you are limited by your screens. A sense of intimacy grows gradually when you are on the same page with your partner. On top of that, having to know the same idea as them could help in exchanging perspectives about things. This can make sure you guys are always bonding with each other.

2. Enjoy Me-Time

Some me-time could be great for any relationship. It gives you a personal space to take care of yourself. A lot of relationships would end up breaking when they don’t find spaces for each other to fix themselves. As we all know, the world doesn’t really revolve around your partner.

There’s a lot of things we could do by ourselves than just doing it with them. For example, setting your own life goals or doing your work. Even the simple things like doing your laundry or getting your groceries should just be by yourself, uninterrupted. Having me-time grounds us to reality, something that most people would not know now but would appreciate it as they grow together.

3. Don’t Overthink It

Face it, we all have those moments where we think too much of a situation. It usually ends with us being flooded with a lot of negative emotions and that can bring us down. The same thing applies to relationships, especially in LDR. You should not really overthink about unnecessary things that will not get you anywhere. It’s better to avoid yourself accepting negativity than trying hard to find out what it’s not. Things are easier when you communicate about it straightforward to your partner. Light-hearted convos can help make a long distance relationship work for you too.

Those haunting thoughts of them cheating on you, picking the right emoji to send or even asking others for advices on the same question are some of the usual things that bother the mind. Do not let yourself drown in the thoughts that are not even real. This can translate to mental distress and lead to physical tiresome.

4. Gifting Personal Objects

Being separated has never been so hard until the pandemic hit in 2020 which made distancing as one of the safety measures. We have to choose to stay away from others for the better and it simultaneously interrupts with our intimate connections. Most of us are struggling to practice LDR just because not all are familiar with this term. To cure the pain of each other’s absence, sending a personal gifts can bring sunshine in gloomy days. Personal objects worth more than anything you can find in shops. They are too precious to be sold. A personal gift open windows of time to look back at beautiful memories you had and ultimately clears your mind during these hard times.

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That’s not all, another thing you can do is buy attractive gifts that can be personalized on your own. Don’t look further because Printcious is the number one stop for you. Everyone can reflect their own thoughts, creativity and memories with exclusive option for personalized gifts. The personalized gifts range from unisex t-shirt, cushions, mugs, canvas and more. Take this opportunity to give a piece of you to special someone that you’ve been aching to see.

5. Always Looking Forward to Meeting Up

It’s time to get donned up and pretty! The most exciting and cheerful part of LDR is to go and meet up with your significant other. From picking the location to which kind of outfit you are going to wear, the excitement and thrill is addictive. This teaches you to appreciate all the time spent with them being close to you in person, which strengthens your bond gradually and effectively. That sense of longing to have them by your side can mentally help you to be better. It’s like privilege to those who have or do not have the choice to be in an LDR.

Bring surprises in the form of gifts. They’ll surely like it and cherish it more because they got it from you by hand. It’s the little actions that matter a lot in relationships. Some would present it extravagantly and some choose to do it low-key. Either way, the efforts made on planning and meeting them up will surely be the icing on the cake in your relationship.


All in all, love cannot limited by space and time but you can always set clear rules and boundaries to go well with the current situation or certain agreements. Sometimes you need to sacrifice the luxury of being around with a love partner to recognize the strength of magnetic force that pulls you together. It is the price of love that’s worth paying! The most important tip of all, you just have to be confident in the type of relationship you’re in and be willing to do everything it takes to work it out. Ultimately, confidence is the key to make a long distance relationship work for everyone.