You lead a hectic life and forgetting your loved one’s special day seems like a norm for you each year. A study revealed that almost half of men do forget their anniversary. You feel like you have done nothing wrong but as the matter of fact, forgetting your anniversary is not something that your wife can take lightly.

From forgetting to pick up your best friend’s favourite Iced Vanilla Latte from a local coffee shop up to not remembering about your dad’s birthday, you must feel at least a small amount of guilt. Being forgetful is one thing but how would others view you personally?

We believe that almost everyone has gone through this least once in their lives. Thus, you can only think of one thing to remedy this situation; buying them a gift to console them.
This is the part in which everyone will be like:

“Oh, I think I’m going to buy my girlfriend/boyfriend/best friend/mom/dad something because I didn’t do ANYTHING WRONG”.

Yes, this is a normal thought, because as human beings, we love gift-giving, right? Who says you need a special occasion to give gifts to anyone? No one! So, if you haven’t done anything wrong, and just feel like giving your loved ones gifts, here are some of the cool and creative ideas for that special un-occasional gift.

#1. I’M SO NOT SORRY Pillow

Pillow that says ‘I’m sorry for everything that I did or I haven’t done yet’ because a future apology is not necessarily harmful right? Better to be prepared. Or maybe we did a teeny-weeny mistake that could be corrected by the cute pillow? Who knows?

#2. Motivational Ceramic Tile

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This is to lift someone’s spirits when they’re down when you’ve hurt them quite a bit. A great reminder to them that you’re actually fond of them and being forgetful is just a part of your life. But you still love them to the core.

#3. A cute printed tee

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Because you don’t have to have a reason to give someone a cute tee, am I right? Or personalise it by saying ‘I forgive you’ and call it a day!

#4. Aesthetically pleasing phone iPhone covers

“NOPE, not mad at all!”

We can never have too many covers right? Maybe throw in a statement like “I’m not mad today” or “who’s mad? Not me!” and it could be a cute touch for their outfit.


“This is how I look like when you’re mad at me, I’m sorry!”
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Another thing that we can’t have enough of is a mug, and let’s make it magic this time. Maybe put in some sorry note or cute reminders, next time when you get the person mad, just tell ‘em to put hot water into the mug and TADA!

If you need more ideas for more gift-giving occasions (or un-occasions), head on over to for ideas, or better yet, customize your own witty or humorous items for your beloved!