Colourful lanyards are the best! The best part about lanyard is you can print them with anything, be it your logo, your company’s name or anything. But do you know, a simple lanyard can be worn with many accessories, attachments and add-on? If you’re curious, let us uncover some of the best lanyard accessories you can find in the market today.


#1 Crocodile Clip & O-Ring

These two are common accessories you can find in any lanyard. Easy to be used; you can easily attach your card holder or anything onto it.


#2 Lobster Hook 

You can opt for a lobster hook when you want to hook them with the card.

#3 Oval Hook 

An oval hook is also a fancy attachment for your lanyard.

#4 Safety Clip 

A safety clip is used to connect your lanyard together. Wear them and clip them.

#5 Buckle

The detachable buckle is a nice addition for lanyards. It allows you to remove the bottom portion of the lanyard without removing the entire lanyard.

#6 Mobile String

A mobile string can be used to attach your mobile. No worries, it can withstand so much weight.


We have learnt about accessories and attachments. In truth, there are a lot of attachments that we can find in a modern personalisation lanyard. Check out our add-ons highlighting our cardholders. You may notice that you can find so many cardholders in the market. Some are transparent, with black plastic hard or our latest one, a leather card holder.

#1 Plastic Card Holder

#2 Leather Card Holder


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