Thanks to the many positive feedbacks of our customers, we are happy to bring to you a tutorial on how to customize your own Collage T-Shirt straight from our team of experts from the Design Department of Printcious.  We hope to give you a helping hand in creating a good, high quality T-shirt design which will make you proud to say “Been there, done that, made the T-shirt!”

Follow the step by step instructions to create a simple collage motif, and then see where your skills and imagination can take you. Have fun!

1. Go to the collage T-shirt page.


2. Then choose and upload 4 images of your choice. Remember to be creative with your choices; pick photos that will tell a story together.


3. After that, you may (1) insert the photos one by one, (2) rotate and (3) resize them to fit the frames.


4. Once you are happy with how the collage looks, you can continue spicing it up with some text. Remember to choose a (1) font, (2) colour and (3) size that is appropriate for your design.


5. Add an accent text if you want by using the same steps found above.


6. Check to see if you missed out anything or if you want, continue tweaking your design. Click “Done” when you are satisfied.


7. Choose a T-shirt (1) colour and (2) size. Select the (3) quantity of T-shirts you would like to print.


And voila! You have a simple and interesting collage T-shirt of your own design!

So, what are you waiting for? Go to our collage T-shirt page and make one for your own story here at Printcious!