Some random day in June, I was having lunch with my friend Jason. We covered different topics in life and out of nowhere we talked about smartphones. He showed me his newly bought iPhone 7 Plus.


As much like those who had their new toy, like a happy kid he talked so much about its new features and claimed it to be the most elegant phone he ever had. I noticed something unusual.


Me: “Bro why didn’t you buy a phone case?”

Jason: “Why should I? My phone is the bomb! It is water resistant and this – (boasting again)”

Me: “Ya, true that your phone is superb but it has no personality. It is plain.”

Jason: “Personality? Why should I have that?”


I took out my much older Samsung model – Samsung Galaxy S6, encased with a customized phone case. My girlfriend’s picture was on the phone case.


Me: “I love my phone case. It always remind me to be a loving boyfriend and appreciate my girlfriend.”

Jason: “Dude, is your phone case water-resistant?”

Me: “Yes it isn’t water-resistant, but at least it can protect my phone from scratch, drop or even shock! Your iPhone without phone case will be like a glass – fragile to everything else!”


But your phone case isn’t water resistant!


Me: “Bro, who cares about it? Do you always expose your phone to water? Furthermore if you purchase your phone case now, you will get get up to 50% OFF! I’ve got mine last week with 25% OFF and it’s super dirt-cheap!”


But still your phone case isn’t water resistant!


Me: “You still want to argue with this point, do you? Ok fine! I can customize my phone case with whatever designs I want, can you customize your ‘water-resistant’?”




Me: “Come on man, don’t be so stubborn. Get yourself a phone case. By the way, I heard that Bella’s birthday is coming soon. Perhaps you can even customize a phone case as her birthday present and show her your feeling. Surprise her! This is the best opportunity! Don’t worry, it has many cases for Samsung and iPhone models, you can choose the suitable one for her.”


Jason kept quiet for few seconds.


Jason: “…So how much is the phone case again?”


I had finally won over the “phone cases” debate. Jason bought two phone cases, one for himself and another presumably for Bella.


Two days later, I had received a parcel from I opened it and saw a phone case with a text design “From love, Jason.”


Never in my life I’m so terrified with Jason from that day onward.