We’ve all been there before, we set our new year resolution only to look back after approximately 365 days to find out nothing changed. They remained a resolution much like an old CRT monitor, bland, pixelated and prone to explosion. Make your goals in 2018 look fresh and exciting, something that you really want to accomplish and more importantly something that you’ll achieve.

First off you’d have to actually remember the goals that you’ve set. There’s probably a truckload of apps out there that you can install on your phone as a reminder, but where’s the fun in that? Especially when you can just swipe or uninstall it to get rid of the reminder. So here’s our suggestion of a failproof reminder but before that, you’d need to jot down your new year resolution on paper or phone, make it bullet points. Starting off by using our customised mug with your goal sprawled across it, sounds interesting right? It’ll keep you alert and reminded each and every morning, with each and every sip.

The next step is pretty much like the first, but instead of mugs, we’ll be moving onto bigger and better things. Most notably our canvas art print, you can either find motivational quotes or just simply get your next bullet point in your resolution list to strike through. Something that you can hang on the wall in your bedroom, like a notification that pops up before you sleep and the minute you wake up.

Get something that will follow you wherever you go, something mobile enough that’d fit into your pocket or bag but significant enough that you won’t leave it in your house. Both of those characteristics fit our custom made keychain to a tee, so you can get creative and proceed to group your car keys into one big chunk of new year resolution.

Last but not least, the final hurdle to completing your goal. It’ll be something that you’ll have to be reminded about for days on end with our personalised t-shirt. Colour your shirt with beautiful designs complete with your new year resolution pasted on it, even if you rarely look in the mirror. Your friends and colleague will keep asking you whether you fulfilled it or not.

The last thing that you need to do is simply take a photo of all of your accomplishment grouped together and that’ll mark the end of your 2018 resolution!