Narwy standing next to a wall displaying the artworks by the top 10 finalists for both categories.

The Star Online has written about PAC Day! Read the article here: Adding value to artistic creations.

“It allows an artist or designer to set the royalty price for their own artworks.”

Visitors could choose from some 100 artworks shortlisted in the contest and have the designs printed on a gift item. The prices ranged from RM3 for one button badge to RM25 for a mug to RM35 for a cushion to RM35 for a puzzle set.

“Printcious will handle everything else – printing, payment, delivery, marketing and customer service.”

Yong with her digital art piece entitled “Miss Heart”.

“So fans of an artist can, for example, buy T-shirts featuring his artwork, but the artist gets to keep the royalty.”

Khoo won second place (centre) with her illustration of Korean artiste Lee Min Ho that won her second prize in the digital art category.

Narwy said the programme’s tagline “By Artists, For Artists” hopes to encourage more creative individuals to take up art as a full-time career, not just as a hobby.

For more information about PAC Day, read about it here!

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