Sisters are special, so why shouldn’t her birthday present be too? Sisters will always be there for you when you need her, even if she’s caught up in her own problems in life. Also, girls mature earlier than boys. So even if your sister is younger than you, you can always talk to her about your problems and she could give you some solid advice. If you’re looking for something special to get your sister for her birthday, get her a personalised birthday gift for her. So check out Printcious‘ top birthday present and gift ideas for sister.

Ceramic tile
Birthday cards are overrated. Get your sister something unique like this customised “Happy Birthday Creative Font” ceramic tile! You can even customise it to add her name and birthday date in it.


Wake her up for her special day with hot chocolate in her own personalised mug. This “Happy Birthday” mug is bound to begin her special day in a special way.


Who does love a great birthday party? That’s what we all wait for every year. A great birthday isn’t complete without a great birthday party. Get her this “Gonna Party Like It’s My Birthday… Cause It Is” t-shirt. She can wear this during the day before her grand party!

Who wouldn’t want to stay comfortable the day of their birthday? Get her this customised “Happy Birthday Card Design” cushion so while she’s getting her hair and makeup done, she has something to keep her cozy.


Mini Tee
If she’s getting a car for her birthday (how lucky is she?), you can decorate it with a customised mini tee to decorate it with some happy birthday spirit! Stick this “Cute Cup Cake” mini tee on the window before she receives the car.