Your dad has given you all he could so you could life a care free life, now it’s your turn to give back. Obviously the gift of life can’t be bought, but what you can give him is a little appreciation. Appreciation of time and effort. Therefore gifts that could save him the time and effort are the best kind of gifts. These are a few of the best gift ideas for a dad suitable for birthday gift ideas and Christmas gift ideas!

1. Cardsharp Credit Card Knife
Similar to the Swiss knife, the Cardsharp Credit Card Knife is a lightweight and portable tool (except of course, having the feature of only being a knife). This is a handy tool that you can carry around with you in your wallet. It folds into a credit card shape that would fit comfortably in your dad’s wallet. Of course, remind him to take it out when he goes to through airport security!

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2. Cordless Electric Screwdriver Drill
If your dad is a handy man around the house, he’ll appreciate a new set of work tools. A set of cordless screwdriver drill makes a great gift for a handy man. It’s convenient and it has a lot of functionality. If he already has all the tools he want or need, maybe get him a new tool box instead.


3. The art of fixing things
This is a book on how to fix things ranging from household applications to making home improvements. Basically it’s like a bible to fix generic appliances. Men take pride in being able to fix things, and when they don’t… they won’t admit it. This gift will teach him everything he doesn’t yet know.


4. Bartender tool set
A bartending tool set is a gift you could enjoy with your dad. Explore making new recipes on cocktails (or mocktails) or attempt to make existing ones. He could also use it during parties and show off his bartending skills (who doesn’t secretly want to be a flashy bartender?).


5. Pilot for a day
You could buy your dad a lot of stuff but memories last longer. If your dad isn’t the kind that hates flights, he might find this pretty cool. Redribbon offers a deal where you could be a pilot for the day. He will be briefed, taxi and land the plan on the runway, and manoeuvre the plane at it’s “safe zone”.

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