Best part about starting a jigsaw puzzle adventure? Not giving a mind about where you’re starting but only about connecting the pieces. It’s something so simple and innocent yet if everyone could understand how such a concept could apply to life, you’d understand why completing a jigsaw puzzle is more than just a past time hobby.

Rather than worrying about what comes first and who comes last, jigsaw puzzles are meant to come together from many small pieces to form a bigger picture. Imagine piecing back a huge piece of art with your own two hands composed of only small pieces that don’t make much sense on their own.

So why not turn it into a gift? No one can say no to a weekend of puzzle piecing with friends or family, especially if it’s a jigsaw puzzle with your own photos! What, you didn’t know you could make your own puzzles  out of your personal photos? Oh boy!

Fancy having a family outing turned into a fancy puzzle? Click below!

Or if you’re a furparent like me, you know there can never be enough pictures of your furbaby.

If you’re interested in getting ready made puzzles that are printed with crisp clear artwork, we also have a few selection from our gallery that may interest you!

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