I recently received my order from Printcious, and I’m so excited to share about this with you. In fact, I would like to say that their service is superior. They actually delivered the item within 3 working days after I made payment.

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I actually got myself 2 mugs to be given to my friends, Janet and Sylvia. They have been one of my few good friends who have been very supportive ever since we knew each other when we were taking our make-up course at MUAH Studio Academy.

I’ve decided to give them a nice gift which they can actually use it when sipping their drink.


The package reached me in an excellent condition. I admit I’m fully satisfied with their packaging because they even wrapped with bubble-wrap to ensure no damages happened during delivery.

The package was delivered via PosLaju. I’m very impressed with the delivery time frame and the delivery package.


Unlike other mugs which you can simply buy from the store, the Printcious colour mug has a very outstanding quality apart from being sturdy, thick, and a bit heavy. I was surprised about the nicely saturated colours, too.

I chose this design because I wanted to surprise my friends because I haven’t got the chance to give them something for being one of my few friends who have supported me with their advice. I’ve decided to get all my friends a nice mug from Printcious in the near future.


There are tons of gifts you can actually find on Printcious. You can even customize them to suit your special needs. What I like about Printcious is you have the ‘power’ to edit the pre-made designs to suit your preference.

If you don’t like the colour or design, you can simply make a minor edit using their online editing tool. No installation required as everything will be done on their website, and it’s online.


Life has been much easier with Printcious. I no longer have to end up in a massive traffic jam just to get a nice gift for my friends. Get yourself a personalized gift at Printcious.com – Precious Gifts From Your Heart!


You can always rely on Printcious to get your own statement mug. Yes. I’m a Mrs. Always Right! XD

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