I have just received my own designed polymer mug that I personalized and is custom made from Printcious and comes with good sealed packaging. The print out was fully detail and perfectly fit the mug.

Click here to see my previous post for the customisations that have been made. It is the same as what I have done at Printcious.com .

The quality is good and the printed colours are even better than the sample while I customize. The Polymer Mug can be printed with any of your favourite photo on it. Big or small photo will do, no worries.

Printcious do have their own designs to choose from if you are out of idea on what to get. The designs up for selection can be edited to add some of your own quotes or any thing that you like.

Among the wide selection of categories, I have also chosen a button badge and am totally happy with the  high quality .

Aside from mugs and button badges, Printcious can also print up to 200 gift items ranging from cushions, ceramic tiles, mouse pad, mini tees or baby rompers for toddlers, coasters, caps, apparels, puzzles, gadgets, phone casing and many more .

Are you ready to create personalized gifts for your friends and family? Printcious will help you add unique artwork, designs and photos to a huge assortment of products and create one of a kind gifts .

Check out Printcious top products to find great custom gifts for everyone in your life. Everything is made exactly to order and ships quickly. Make everyone feel special with personalized gifts from Printcious.

I am satisfied with the product by Printcious and the price is affordable. Delivery will take three working days to arrive at my door step . Printcious guarantee 7 days free return on your unsatisfied product and purchase above RM75 to get free delivery in West Malaysia .


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