Girls aren’t the only ones who want to look stylish and well put together. It’s just that boys are more subtle about it. Where girls go all out and obvious with their fashion choices, boys are more low-key about it. Some might think that there aren’t many style accessories for boys to exhibit their personality but that really isn’t the case as basically anything can be made into a stylish accessory if you know how to go about it.

1. T-shirt

A clean-looking t-shirt looks good on practically anyone regardless of their gender. For a minimal look, choose a t-shirt that doesn’t have much design. If the ones in the market aren’t doing anything for you, create a custom t-shirt design yourself and design it so that it reflects your personality.

2. Cap

A cool cap to keep your head cool from the scorching Malaysian sun is a definite must. There are many cap types in the market such as snapbacks, bucket hats, printed trucker caps and more. Just choose the type that best complements your style and it’ll add to the overall feel of your chosen outfit.

3. Bag

Besides being a useful carrier, it can also become a stylish accessory. Just like caps, bags come in all shapes, colours, and sizes. From printed backpacks to custom drawstring bags and more, the choices are seemingly endless. If you’re planning on going for a preppy look, a messenger bag will do the trick.

4. Button Badges

If your bag, cap or t-shirt is too plain-looking, upgrade their look by adding pinback button badges. The great thing about button pins is that they can be fastened and unfastened easily which will help you to change the style of your belongings with ease. In addition to that, the variety of designs you can get them in is also another plus.

5. Necklace

If you thought that necklaces were just for girls then you’re dead wrong. Such a simple neck jewellery can make a plain outfit look cool and edgy. For a military-inspired look, get a chic dog chain necklace. This type of necklace is widely popular amongst men and women alike as both genders can be found to frequently incorporate it into their personal style.

6. Keychain

A printed keychain is just a souvenir one gets when their family or friends go travelling? You’re not wrong but you’re not completely right either as keychains make wonderful understated style accessories. Just add a custom-printed keychain onto your bag, wallet or keys and presto, a new look is born! And just like button badges, they can be attached and taken off without much effort.