Lively and colourful despite donning the name winter, this is one store that won’t leave you feeling cold once you see what it has to offer. Printcious Designer Store WinterBucky384 promotes Marvel-ous (get it?) fanarts from various superhero realms so fans out there can get a copy of their own favourite character.

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1. First thing first, what lured you into picking up the pen/pencil/brush/charcoal for the first time?
To be honest, I’m not entirely sure. Ever since young, my parents have sent me to attend art classes. I guess my love for art starts there because of my classes. But instead of drawing what my teacher asked, I rather draw according to my own ideas. After I stopped the classes, I continue to love art. And I think it’s safe to say that my love for drawing and art has grown a lot since then (to this day).

2. What keeps your creativity tank full and ready to go each time you create something new?
Inspirations and ideas. I love to explore on new techniques to draw, such as pencil, waterbrush, charcoal and many more. When I see arts that I like, I tend to mimic the drawings. Furthermore, I like to draw portraits as well. I have characters and artists that I like, so I tend to draw them onto papers. Sometimes, only with pencil and sometimes with watercolour.

3. What are your tools of trade and would you recommend them to fellow artists?
Never give up. Sometimes, our work failed us (or rather, we failed ourselves). Not everyone and everytime, we can draw something absolutely marvelous. Practice makes perfect. Thrive towards perfection. If you don’t like what you see, work harder and try again. One day, I believe, you’ll get there.

4. What is the most memorable place you’ve found inspiration for your next artwork at and do you frequently go there for more ideas?
There is no one specific place that I find my inspiration. It can be as simple as Google Image or Pinterest, wherever there are images/photos. I like searching for fan arts or high quality of my favourite artist’s portrait so that I can draw every little detail.

5. Out of all the artworks that you have produced thus far, would you happen to have a favorite amongst them that you consider to be your baby?
I have. But the artwork is stored safely in my sketchbook (I did not post it here). It was a portrait of Sebastian Stan. I worked on it all day long and it turned out marvelously. It was the first time I’ve ever drawn something so similar to the original photo. Sometimes, I can’t draw and sometimes (miraculously) it turns out to be a masterpiece (I have no idea how it happened). I’m going to continue to work harder and try my best and make my artworks better.

6. What are your thoughts on Printcious? Feel free to comment on before and after joining us.
Printcious is a great place where I can share my arts and my love for art. Printcious also provides me with good quality products. It is fun because it lets me customize my own products before buying it. Moreover, Printcious also allows me to become an online Designer by sharing my designs. Thank you for everything, Printcious.

7. Do you find yourself able to benefit from Printcious’ Designer Program and would you recommend it to other artists out there that are still finding a Malaysian platform to sell their artworks?
Yes, it’s a great way to share creative arts, not to mention the commission I will get (though it’s not much yet). Yes, I would recommend to other artists. But I don’t know nor seen anyone who is searching for a platform. But if I do, I will recommend Printcious to them.

8. Printcious is now international! What do you feel about the possibilities of your artworks travelling the world?
More people means more customers! Also, it’s really a great pleasure to be sharing my art to people around the world. Again, thank you Printcious for making that possible. Hopefully, people will find my designs interesting. Also, looking forward to more new designs since now there would be more and more people on this platform sharing arts.

9. Lastly, we’re letting you promote your designer store in your own words. No word limits, go for it!
Hi there, art lovers. This is my designer store and I hope you find what you like here. I hope you love the artworks and will continue to support me. Do recommend to others too if you love what you find. I’ll continue to work harder and make more designs to put it out there. For now, thank you very much for your consideration. ^^

10. Thank you very much for participating in this Q&A session. We wish you further growth & success in the near future!
And thank YOU, Printcious, for this interview and thank you for making everything possible.

Such a sweet lady, we wish her all the best. To all the designers out there that want a Malaysian platform to promote your artwork on, come join the Printcious Designer Marketplace and be part of the growing artist community. Don’t forget to check out this week’s artist store, WinterBucky384, here!