First of all, our word of congratulations to the one who is getting hitched.

Now, let’s get to planning. Just like how our brotherhood squad of groomsmen is having a bachelor party for the groom, the bride squad (members of the bridal party, the bridesmaids and the maid of honour as well as sisters and mother of the bride) will now have a similar celebration for the bride with her favourite girls.

Essentially, there’s two way to go about celebrating a girl’s last few months or weeks before the wedding. And you can choose to have one, depending on the feel of the event and the people you invite to attend the event. So, here’s the two vastly different types of pre-wedding celebration for the bride.


Usually held at someone’s home, beautifully decorated home (could be the bride’s if you’re planning the shower with her mother or her sister). Almost like an engagement party without the guys, only gals are invited (and not just any gals, the attendees must be the ones that the bride actually want to be there). So, it’s supposed to be special.

And it’s a shower, so you’re supposed to shower the bride with gifts and congratulatory things. Make sure there’s enough food and drink for everybody. And the gifts unwrapping session could be the main highlight of the shower.

You can also prepare some type of bridal shower favours or special door gifts for the attendees too.


Held at a pub or a club or a restaurant, somewhere that needs reservation, so basically not at home. And usually you don’t invite mothers or grandmothers to a bachelorette party because of its nature of celebrating the bride’s last night as a single woman flying solo for the last time. Sisters are cool, though.

You can have the bride wearing the sash that says “Bride-to-be” or anything else you think that would be cool or funny. Not just sash though, you can have her wear a personalised t-shirt for the bride. Great thing about having t-shirt personalised is that she can always keep the t-shirt as a memento from the fun night. You can also have the rest of the party, especially the bridesmaids and maid of honour, wear something similar, custom designed uniform t-shirts, too.

So, basically at bachelorette party, you party!

As you see the difference now, which one would you choose to have in the name of celebration for the bride? Remember to include the bride’s preferences, okay? Just because she’s not the one planning, it doesn’t mean she can’t have a say in it. After all, you’re celebrating her last days as a single girl.

So, if she’s not keen of partying at clubs and prefer to have a little get-together at home, then bridal shower it is. But if you think she would love to have a night off to let her hair down and forget everything and party to her heart’s content, then by all means, plan that bachelorette party!

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