The new norm is here.

No more breaking the fast together, no more spending time with each other during Ramadhan. Today, it is all about keeping our social distance and a meter apart from one another.

Another thing that we have to get used to this year is that some prohibitions have taken place in which we must comply. We are no longer able to return to our hometown for interstate Balik kampung and no more visiting our relatives and friends for the long-awaited Hari Raya gathering.

This is truly devastating news for any Malaysians who live away from their parents as there is a slim chance of possibilities for anyone to be able to spend Raya at their kampung and they have to spend Hari Raya away from those they love. But we never know..right? Miracles might happen. 

Such sacrifices have to be made to prohibit the spread of Covid-19. This is a different kind of Hari Raya celebration as it invokes quite a deafening silence. No longer the hustle and bustle of people playing firecrackers or kids going rounds from one house to another to collect duit Raya.

But the true Hari Raya festive spirit lies in the love we have for one another. If you couldn’t make it to your hometown to meet your parents and loved ones, how about sending them a gift instead? You are far away from those you love but in all honesty, they are a lot closer than you imagine as they make a permanent residence in your heart. This year, how about sending some gifts to make them feel loved on this Hari Raya? It can’t be compared with having you there physically but at the very least, the gifts would warm their heart.

Raya kan sebulan? Let’s check out our gift ideas below.

New decoration items

The month of Eid Fitri is all about celebration among Muslims after a month of fasting on the first day of Syawal. The celebration also means it’s time to decorate the house. All moms seem to be preoccupied during this season to beautify their homes to receive guests. Having guests over is out of question apparently but that does not mean that you should hinder yourself from experiencing the joy of celebrating Raya.

What would be better than a new set of decorative items for your parents’ home to cheer up their hearts? It can be in the form of new personalised cushions or a set of custom mugs and you can pair them with a set of gorgeous coasters.

New hari Raya clothing

Wear your best clothes on the morning of Hari Raya.

Wearing the best clothes on Eid is a must for every Muslim and it is, in fact, a symbol of one’s expression of happiness and joyfulness. What else can you do in the morning of Eid Fitr besides enjoying the scrumptious feast? Hear, hear, it is time for a family’s photo session. Adorning oneself with baju kurung, baju kebaya, and baju Melayu for the gents, you can be sure that there will be a myriad of photos on the first day Hari Raya posing in front of the camera and selfies.

Make your parents stump with joys as you gift them a set of new clothing or you may want to gift your siblings a Hari Raya outfit. Some families love to colour coordinate their Raya clothing, so why not do the same if your family has been doing that for years. Or you might want to spice things up and do something creative for your family.

Food and Kuih Raya deliveries

Ahaa, our dear readers might wonder, how can one transports kuih Raya? Wouldn’t the cookies be damaged during delivery?

That’s why my friend, we have an online food delivery service to help tackle this problem. You have a choice to select or to scour your nearby food delivery services that can do the deed for you.

Photo from Google

Food applications like Grab Food and FoodPanda are a hit nowadays and you wouldn’t have any trouble in selecting any that suit your family’s preferences. You know what they like and if you wish to, why not support the local food deliveries as you can check them out on Facebook group or Telegram group. Let’s give back to the community and embrace the spirit of Raya to help those who are in need.

After all, the way to one’s heart is through one’s stomach.

Raya hampers

A hamper is a great gift that can fit into any occasion. Need to find a gift as a last-minute resort? Or want to visit your relatives but can’t come empty-handed? Then a hamper should come in handy.

A Raya hamper can easily be found in convenience shopping malls and stores but now as the options are limited, you can always browse them online and send it to your parents. Not feeling it? You are in for surprises. 

Photo hamper from

Many websites are offering a wide range of hampers and they can be customised too.

Afraid that the hamper wouldn’t survive the trip? Not to worry, these guys are pro. They know what they are doing.

The most important part is that it will reach your parents’ or your loved ones’ doorsteps safe and sound.

Selamat hari Raya.