The holiday season can’t seem to arrive fast enough. School children, teenagers, and adults alike look forward to it. Plans for the holidays are usually made months in advance, but for those who work or live far away from their hometowns, the struggle to find the right transport that will get them home in time for the holidays is real. So for those of you who have not made any plans yet, why not take the bus?


Through CatchThatBus’s website, you will be able to purchase a ticket easily with no extra fee to any destination of your choice without the hassle of needing to queue up. Imagine taking the time to drive out to the ticketing office, finding a parking spot and queuing for tickets in Malaysia’s sweltering heat. It doesn’t sound fun at all. The experience will be made worse if you go through all that trouble but end up empty-handed due to the tickets being sold out.


By purchasing your tickets via CatchThatBus website, you can buy bus tickets from the comfort of your home, office or wherever you may be. Catch That Bus even has a mobile application from which you can buy your tickets. Another advantage of getting your bus ticket from them is that you can pay for your ticket in installments. This way, you will be able to use the extra money for other necessary purchases and won’t be left with a nearly empty wallet or depleted bank account.

How does CatchThatBus work? Is it as simple as purchasing flight tickets? No, it isn’t, because it’s even easier! You just need to follow the steps below.


1. Choose your departure and arrival locations, preferred travel date as well as the number of tickets needed.

2. Choose your preferred trip from the options given, your seat and enter in your details.

3. Choose the payment method and make payment.

4. And, you’re done! Your e-ticket will be in your inbox.

We said that it would be simple and it truly is. If by chance you were to face any trouble before, during or after your ticket purchase, just contact their hotline which is reachable all days of the week and they will help you to solve the matter promptly. Don’t wait too long now to purchase your ticket or they might run out. Avoid such an undesirable situation by booking your ticket at CatchThatBus today!


CatchThatBus helps to connect passengers to their preferred bus operators through their website as well as their on-the-go mobile application. Their easy to navigate ticket booking system enables passengers to purchase bus tickets with ease. Make sure to check out their website!