Art is a form of self-expression be it in the form of our thoughts, emotions, intuitions, and desires. It will be wise to quote Keith Haring as he claimed that ‘Art should be something that liberates your soul, provokes the imagination and encourages people to go further’.

Something to cheer you up 🙂

For any talented designers out there and anyone with a creative bone in their body, we have a perfect place to celebrate all designers. Main Creative Hub is a brilliant place for you to explore and feed your creative soul with amazing artworks, crafts and merchandise from our local creative designers.

Printcious has always been enthralled and inspired by creative works and arts and we were more than proud to be a part of Creative Hub official launching together with the Make It Happen Exhibition that took place on 6th October 2019.

It was a good turnout in Jumpa at Sungei Wang and our big boss, Vincent was there too to co-officiate the event and to deliver his speech. One of the special moments that we would like to highlight is the fact that this exhibition housed a collection of 45 selected artworks from participating designers and what made it so great is that their artworks were printed on t-shirts. Speaking of t-shirts, that is where we came in.

We were an official sponsor for all wonderfully 45 sets of printed t-shirts made especially for this exhibition and for the guests, they also can enjoy our photo booth service. After all, it is always great to bring back mementos to preserve the memories.

Now, how about we take you back to the day where it all happened with our gallery of photos below?

Great artworks by the designers
Aren’t these t-shirts look cool?
Printcious products’ display
Artist at work

We were thrilled to officiate the Main Creative Hub’s grand opening and our sincere hope is to see more people appreciate the beauty of arts and what would be better than to check out Main Creative Hub in Jumpa @ Sungei Wang!