In just a few days it’ll be Valentine’s Day. How will you be celebrating this wonderful occasion? With store-bought chocolate gifts for him or for her? Although those chocolates are undeniably delicious, especially if they are of the expensive kind such as Ferrero Rocher, not everyone enjoys the tooth-rotting sweetness of it. Some prefer sweets that are a little less well sweet. Besides, even though the origin of Valentine’s Day itself isn’t of local creation, that doesn’t mean you can’t add your own personal flair to it to turn it into an unforgettable celebration for both you and your loved one. Thus, for a memorable Valentine’s Day celebration in Malaysia that stays true to one’s roots, try your hand at making any one of the traditional sweets listed below.

1. Kuih Apam Mawar

Via Resepicitarasawan

Kuih apam, a much-loved traditional sweet by both the younger and older generation of Malaysia contains the perfect amount of sweetness to it. This fluffy and airy sweet can easily be turned into a memorable Valentine’s Day dessert. On the internet itself, you can find all sorts of recipes for kuih apam. But to make this special version of it, you’ll also need to have a rose mould. So choose the recipe that suits your taste or ability the best and fill in the mould with your mixture. Once it’s done steaming, you’ll end up with a beautiful rose creation that’s almost too beautiful to eat.

2. Kuih Lapis Bunga


As a child, you must have eaten this local sweet by peeling back the layers one by one. If you still eat it that way till now, there’s absolutely no shame in that. It’s such a fun sweet that one simply can’t help from doing so. To turn this fun, child-friendly sweet into a lovely Valentine’s Day dessert, make use of an appropriate mould such as a flower-shaped one or a heart-shaped mould. If you don’t have much time to spare, make a large version of this dessert. However, if you do have extra time on your hands, prepare individual batches of it in cute and compact forms.

3. Kuih Loyang Ros


Unlike the previous two local sweets that utilised steaming as a cooking method, this sweet which is mainly made from rice flour is deep-fried. To get that wonderful flower shape, a rosette brass mould is used. The colour can be modified by simply applying edible food colouring to the mixture. So, for a sweet befitting of Valentine’s Day, use pink or red food colouring. You can further enhance the flavour of the sweet by incorporating rose or vanilla essence. Remember to add in just a few drops as too much of it will overpower the original classic flavour that makes kuih ros so appetising.  

Here, we’ve listed down three types of traditional or local sweets that once modified be it in terms of its shape, colour, or flavour, can easily become a Malaysian Valentine’s Day delicacy. The process involved in doing so isn’t even hard and won’t cause you to slave in the kitchen for hours on end. Therefore, make this year’s Valentine’s Day celebration an occasion to remember with some homemade Valentine’s Day desserts that pay homage to Malaysia’s delicious sweet treats. Want to pair your delicious sweet with an even sweeter Valentine gift? Create a custom-made gift just for them at Printcious.