Calling all entrepreneurs to assemble and attend EEC for a life-altering event.

EEC or Exabytes eCommerce Conference is an annual event organised by Exabytes with the mission to provide opportunities for aspiring participants to build a network and exchange valuable knowledge from the talks conducted by eCommerce’s experts in the field.

Every year, EEC gathers together thousands of entrepreneurs such as new startups, branding specialists as well as freelance webmasters and much more.This year around, the one-day event was held on 24th May 2017 from 8 am to 6 pm with MaGIC played host to its seventh conference.

If you’re an entrepreneur or looking forward to start your own business, this is an event that you surely will not want to miss.

Credit Exabytes for all pictures

The event also bear witness to an impressive turnout and outstanding line-up of many distinguished guest speakers. Among them were Tay Shan Li, Sam Shafie and Siow Hui Ling.

                  Tay Shan Li, a co-founder of BabyDash highlighted the importance of branding in a marketplace

Sam Shafie, CEO pitchIN and WatchTower and Friends (WTF) Accelerator

Siow Hui Ling, a fashionpreneur and a Founder of The Chic Initiative

The event highlighted many core areas such as branding in eCommerce, marketplace and payment gateway. All of the attendees had a chance to ask questions from the panelists and gain valuable insights and advice that can help foster their company further. It was an excellent sharing session for market players to have a chance to acquire and learn more about eCommerce. In addition to that, there were many booth exhibitions made available; thus proved to be a golden opportunity for the attendees to mingle around and make new friends in the business.

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