After putting in many hours of enterprising and imagination, we’ve finally made it! Printcious is now recognized as an MSC Malaysia Status company. This status is awarded to both local and foreign companies that develop or use multimedia technologies to produce or enhance their products and services, and for process development.

Simply put, MSC Malaysia (formerly the Multimedia Super Corridor) is a National ICT Initiative designed to groom local ICT industries like Printcious and at the same time engage with world-class technology companies. MSC Malaysia is fully supported by the Malaysian Government with the anticipation of leading a national transformation towards a K-Economy i.e. knowledge economy.

Information technology, i.e. infotech for short, has been paving the way for e-commerce and rebranding all platforms of commercialization to suit the latest needs of consumers. Essentially an infotech company, Printcious is progressing towards that goal — to be a vibrant R&D environment and world-class services industry.

To date, Printcious has had a hand in developing and producing an online design tool which enables customers to customise gifts on a virtual platform. Soon, we will also be launching our online Designer Marketplace for local artists to showcase their artwork and to have their artwork printed on a range of gift products available on Printcious. Artists will all benefit from the commission based sales of their artwork.

Printcious is proud to be an MSC Malaysia Status company and will continue to earn its place among other leading businesses and organizations as an MSC Malaysia Status company. The road is long and we’ve got so much more to do. We would like to invite you to join us on our journey in our pursuit of a gift-giving culture.


So,  shop online with us and customise your unique gifts now!