Just a week ago, the founders of Printcious paid a courtesy visit to Photobook Worldwide where Photobook CEO, Wee John Leow, shared a bit of their strategies in marketing, production and overall workflow.

Photobook Worldwide is a great place to turn your best photographs into inspired photo albums for weddings, birthday, a year’s worth of memories! They transform everyday trips into extraordinary adventures.

Both parties share the same notion that tangible gifts are starting to make its way into the gift giving scene. You can say goodbye to accidentally deleting photos since you can get them printed at a reasonable cost at Photobook (and Printcious, if we may so shamelessly promote ourselves). Photobook has a number of printable options at www.photobookworldwide.com if you’re interested to know.


We also want to thank Wee John for allowing us a glimpse into the Photobook world where they ship a few thousand orders a day worldwide. With all the gift printing industry tips and tricks they’ve extended so graciously to us, we can only hope to achieve a similar success in the year to come.

As we work to achieve our vision of catering to a global community, we will continue being advocates of the beautiful culture of gift giving not only to help foster caring relationships for a harmonious society but also for a better world.