So when you slip on your shirt every day, what do you think to yourself? “Man, I’m gonna make a statement today!” or “Man, today is a lazy day for me.”?

We think putting on a shirt is more than just covering yourself. Slipping on your shirt means slipping on the attitude of the day. It’s an art of decorating yourself. Which is why what is on your shirt is very important.

This time around we’ve gathered a few examples of why shirts are more than just about covering yourself. Shirts can be something fun and silly but still bring out strong statements too.

1. The Dreadful ‘Get Along’ Shirt


When you squabble with your sibling so much and your parents are trying to make you stop, out comes the big shirt and inside the both of you go. Not always a bad thing, we’d say. It let’s you bond, metaphorically and literally.

2. The Foodie & The Culinarian

Loving food is universal. Who doesn’t love the combination of burgers and fries together? That’s why they come in a set! So if you’re a foodie and you’re proud of knowing how to differentiate the acidity of one minestrone to another, these are the shirts for you!

3. The Matching Humor Shirts

Now these are the shirts you need to wear with your buddies! Chill out and relax with pizza while wearing pizza shirts. #pizzaception

4. The Teddy Tees

Want to send out teddies to your love one but don’t know how to make it special? Slip on a custom made shirt and let your message beam proudly from the teddy’s tummy, Care Bears style.

5. The Cheeky Kids


Let’s be real: we love our own face because we get to do so many facial expressions. Whether it’s funny, smug or just downright cheeky, custom made shirts are a must wear for everyone!

Which one is your favourite shirt to customise and own? We love #5! If you’d like to own them, you can customise your shirts on at low prices and no minimum quantity.