Ceramic tiles were used way back when in ancient history as decorative murals, and we’re bringing the trend back. When you think about wall decorations, ceramic tiles might have never crossed your mind. In comparison to the common posters or portraits, ceramic tiles are much heavier and fragile. However the visual quality of ceramic tiles does not decay or compromised as easily as posters or portraits. Posters and portraits are much easier to scratch, fold and they’re not waterproof.

The ceramic tile is versatile in style. You can choose designs from modern designs, inspirational quotes to vintage artworks. And if neither of these would be something you might fancy, you could also get pictures of yourself or family printed on it.

Printcious provides customised ceramic tile printing in both square and rectangle shapes. The square ceramic tile sizes ranges from 11cm by 11cm, 15cm by 15cm and 20cm by 20cm weighing at 100g, 230g and 480g respectively, whereas the rectangle ceramic tile sizes ranges from 20cm by 15cm and 25cm by 20cm weighing at 360g and 600g respectively.

The ceramic tiles has a high-gloss and vibrant finish, a great canvas to showcase artworks and pictures. The ceramic tiles printing are available in full colour and it uses durable sublimation printing. These tiles are both indoor and outdoor friendly. If you’re not keen on hanging the tiles on the wall, the ceramic tiles also come with a durable plastic stand to keep your ceramic tile upright.

There are hundreds of design made available to you by Printcious. One of the more popular design is the “Forever Bff” in the cute and love category. This is a simple design of two cute friends holding hands. It’s adorable and it also shows the strong bond of friendship. If you have a best friend that you care about dearly, show your appreciation by getting him or her this “Forever Bff” ceramic tile. You can also personalise this design by putting in your and your best friend’s name on it.


If you’re looking to give someone something special and different for their wedding day, you might want to check out this “Congratulations wedding” ceramic tile found in the wedding occasion section. The concept is similar to getting someone a wedding wishes card, except with a ceramic tile! As your sweet message of congratulations last on that ceramic tile, so will their relationship. Stand out from everyone else and get your soon-to-be wed friends a message that they can hold on to a very long time.


Ceramic tiles also make great office décor as it takes little space and has a really polished look. If you’re thinking of getting your colleague something during a Christmas gift exchange, they might like this “Future Leader in Training” ceramic tile. Funny yet meaningful, your colleague will appreciate your respect towards his career path and your sense of humour at the same time.