Cushions are one of the easiest way to change the element of design in a room. You could use bright striking colours or use neutral colours to mellow out your room. It’s also a good idea to match colours with the color of your custom blankets.

A creatively scattered cushion is one of the best way to bring out the personality in your living space. The best part about using cushions as part of your interior decor is that they’re easy to place and quite affordable to maintain. Unlike sofas and curtains, to change the feel of the room you need to replace the whole thing. With cushions all you need to do is change the cover. Cushions can be used in living rooms, bed rooms, your car and even your working space.

Printcious cushion covers are made out of 100% polyester whereas the cushion itself is made out of microfiber. The cushions are 40cm by 40cm square with a 20cm by 20cm printable area and weighs approximately 350g. The cushion cover has a hidden zipper enclosure. It is high durability as to withstand machine washing. The cushion covers comes in a range of colours (White, purple, light sky blue, black, brown, orange, red, pink, yellow and green).

Printcious has a wide range of customised cushion to choose from. One of my favourite designs from the cute cushion section is the “Cute Panda Face” cushion. This design is great for children. If you’re looking for something to give kids for birthdays or other gift giving occasions, this is the perfect gift! If you like collecting cute things in general, this is also a great addition to your collection. With a face that’s innocent and bubbly, this Cute Panda Face is sure to brighten up your day.

Another popular custom cushion category is the couple cushion category. You can use this in the bedroom to decorate his and her side of the bed, get them as engagement, valentines, anniversary or even birthday gifts.

It doesn’t have too many colours as to not clash with your existing interior. The message it sends is both motivational and romantic. The best part of the day is waking up next to your loved one and saying goodnight. If your partner isn’t around to do either when they’re away, just take a look at the pillow and you’ll be reminded of your loved one. Apart from your bedroom, you can keep this in the office to brighten the day every morning or keep it in the car for extra comfort.

If you’re looking of something more cutesy and funny, this “Mice To See You” cushion might just be the cushion for you. This design is innocent yet a cheeky play on the greeting “nice to see you”. To find more designs similar to this, you can go to the cute or humour category of the cushion section.