Mini tees are a great way to showcase a message. You can hang in in your car window, or any other flat surface of your preference. You can choose to have images such as logos of companies you work at or companies that you love. You can also print competitive sport team logos to show your loyalty and support! If you love your country and you want everyone to know it, you can customise these mini tees to the Malaysian flag!  And if logos and flags aren’t your thing, you can try putting in quotes, like the ever popular “Baby On Board”!

Printcious mini tees comes with a hook and suction. These mini tees comes in a range of blue, pink, orange, red purple, green and yellow. The material used for the mini tees are microfiber, similar to the material to common microfiber shirts. The dimension of these mini tees are 13.5cm x 12cm, and the printing is 10cm x 9cm position in the middle lower part of the mini tee.

You’ve seen baby on board car stickers, but have you seen a “Baby on Board” mini tee? If you like baby themed car décor, we have the “Baby Inside” design or you can customise it by “[Your Text Here] Inside”. Other designs include these “Baby Pacifier” and “Cute Baby Boy” mini tee design.


If you’re a sports fan fanatic and you collect your teams merchandise, Printcious provides a selection of flags such as this “Malaysia Flag” and the “Indonesia Flag”. If you’re not interested in either of these designs, you can customise your own mini tee to you preferred country flag or a football team that you support! When ever your friends step into your car, you’re bound to make your friends jealous over your team spirit!


You can also use the mini tees to make a statement. For example this “Cool Story Bro” t-shirt, a play on word of the popular meme and Disney’s “Toy Story”. If you love selfies and you know it, clap your hands! And when you’re tired of clapping, check out this “I Love Selfie” mini tee.