There is nothing more annoying than trying to select a part of a document and having your curser jump all over the page. If that happens to you, that could only mean one of two things; either your mouse is haunted or you need a mousepad (I’m kidding, your mouse is not haunted. Please get yourself a new mouse).

As a casual gamer that hops on online games from time to time, I wouldn’t feel the need to invest on an expensive mousepad. I’ve also realised that when I’m outdoors with my laptop, I use a book as my mousepad and it doesn’t make any significant performance difference. So what do you look for when getting yourself a mousepad as a casual mouse user? Now, unless you’re an avid gamer, you would only care about three things when it comes to buying a mousepad; price, usability and design.

Usability is defined as the comfort and practicality of the product. If it’s rough and the bottom of the pad slips around, it has very low usability. The average mouse user also seeks a mousepad that is affordable in price and with an appealing design. That’s where Printcious comes in.

Printcious mousepads are made out of durable cloth cover for comfort, and is dust and stain resistant. It sustains high quality and full-colour printing. The mousepad size is 22cm x 18cm. It also has a non-slip backing to ensure your mousepad not shift around during use.

If you like cute and funny animal designs, we have a few designs that might interest you. “Collection of Animal Faces” is a mousepad with nine different animal faces on the design, together with different colours representing different animals. Or how about this “Frog With Funny Face Expression”?


If you don’t have a lot of space on your desk and your cubicle wall is filled with memos and to-do-lists, you might want to consider getting yourself a mousepad with a calendar on it. Check out these 2016 “Travel With Calandar 2016”. We have other calendar designs are such as “Wanderlust Calendar” or this Chinese New Year themed Calendar “Year of the Monkey 2016 Calendar”.


Fancy inspirational quotes will brighten up any desk space. If you love collecting inspirational quotes, check out this “If Your Dream Don’t Scare You” mousepad. Similar designs are such as “Yes You Can” and “Don’t Ever Give Up!” for a more retro feel. If either of these don’t inspire you, you can customise your own quotes! Start designing and pimp up your desk today!