There’s nothing better than waking up to a cup of hot steaming coffee in the morning. And a close second to that is having that coffee in a mug with your name on it. Otherwise, there are other ways to utilize a mug. A mugs second nature is to hang on to your stuff for convenience sake, whether it be your toothbrush or your office stationery.

You’d think that’s all you could do with a mug, but you could do much more! As of late, mugs have been used for cooking using an oven or a microwave for small creative delights. Just pop your batter in a cupcake size serving and you will have a cake in a cup within minutes! But one of my top favourite ways to use a mug is to decorate it beautifully and fill it with treats to give away as a customised gift for a family or friend.

Printcious customised mugs are made out of porcelain and it’s approximately 9.5cm tall and 8cm in diameter. Inclusive of protective plastic and box it weighs about 450g and it holds up to the standard 330ml or 11oz. The mugs are dishwasher and microwave safe and tested against RoHS.

If you’re not confident in pimping up your little mug, Printcious has over thousands of designs for you to choose from. If that intimidates you, the designs are categorised to bottle down the designs you might be looking for. And the best part? You can add texts with its user-friendly customisation tool. That means you’ll literally have your name on that mug!

It’s way past your clock-out time and you’re sitting on your desk with no one else around but you and your coffee mug. In a scenario so dull and stressful, a laugh is just the trick to get you out of your work blues. Slap on your favourite joke and when you’re feeling down, pick that mug up, have a laugh and take a big sip of that coffee and I promise you’ll feel much better after. If you’re not sure what to put on that mug, check out this “Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams, Stay In Bed” mug.

This is a great gift to get yourself and your other half. You can both have matching mugs at the workplace, and when you use it, you’ll be reminded of him or her. But to be frank, those overly romantic mugs are everywhere almost to a point it’s not unique. How about getting yourself a sassy couple mug? I’m sure you men can relate to this “Mr. Right” and “Mrs. Always Right” mugs, am I right?

Have you noticed that more people are becoming fitness cautious? I suspect it’s from all the exposure to health and lifestyle studies educating people to live and eat better. If you’re trying to get yourself on that health train, you might find it pretty difficult to stay on it. Motivation to stay fit is very hard to accomplish all on your own. While you could get posters to post on your wall, try out a motivational fitness mug instead. The “Train Insane or Remain The Same” mug will surely keep you motivated.



Oh, wait!

There’s more to this! We do not only provide a single printing order for our colour mug but we also offer a bulk order printing for colour mug. Get your custom mug for your promotional events today.