One of the most enjoyable part about having a smartphone is dolling it up. Every time I buy a new phone I make sure I get myself a casing first. It’s not just protection I’m looking for, it’s also style. As a person that loves fashion, I hate it when my accessories don’t match, so I alternate between different phone casings.  If I’m going to be holding on to something every day, it might as well look and feel like me.

Personally I love artsy feminine pastel designs. Once in a while, I go for something edgy with a statement. Although the hardest part about buying a phone casing is looking for a design I like. Even when I do, it usually costs me an arm and a leg! Thankfully, Printcious has reasonable and beautiful customised phone casings.

Printcious customised phone cases ranges from the iPhone 4 to the iPhone 6s Plus and Samsung Galaxy Note 5 to the Samsung Galaxy S6. They have two types of customised phone casing. One of which is called the 2D model, and the other the 3D model. The 2D model is simply a customized phone casing with unprinted boarders and printed back, whereas the 3D model prints on back and all sides. 3D customised phone casing is not to be mistaken for phone casings with protruding artworks.

The phone casings are designed slim and lightweight. It is also impact resistant as the product is made out of durable hard plastic. To protect your screen from directly touching surfaces, it has a lay-flat bezel in the front. It’s also designed with access to all ports, controls and sensors for your convenience.

Printcious customised phone cases has a wide range of designs to choose from. From couple designs to cool intense graphics.

If you’re looking for something bold, colourful and intense, check out this “Abstract with Colourful Design” might be the custom phone case you’re looking for. With this design on the back of your phone, you’re sure to wow your friends.


Quotes and typography are all the rage now. Designs like “Keep Calm” and handwritten or thick brush fonts make simple and bold fashion statements. If the design it’s not going to inspire you, it might just inspire someone else. If you think you might like any of what I just said, check out this beautiful “You’re Stronger Than You Think” design.

For the art lover, these macabre drawings might just be the phone casing for you. Show off your artistic side with these beautifully crafted illustrations on the back of your phones.


If you’re looking for a couple phone casing, Printcious has that too! Check out this fashionable modern zebra striped background with a vibrant half heart shaped one of each side. When you put your hand phone side by side it makes a perfect heart shape!