What are dryfit shirts?
Dryfit shirts are mainly used for active wear. That means for situations where you’ll sweat like doing a sport activity or just having a walk under the hot weather. But what makes dryfit shirts popular is its ability to dry fast. Dryfit shirts, also known as rapid dry shirts are made out of hydrophobic (water-hating) fibers and hydrophilic (water loving) fibers. The dryfit shirts are made out of 100% polyester, resulting in a breathable wear. This allows the material to absorb moisture easily and dry up much faster, keeping the wearer more comfortable throughout their day. Printcious provides the option of cuts which are dryfit unisex and dryfit female.

What is the difference between cotton shirts and dryfit shirts?
Cotton shirts are made out of 100% cotton where as dry it shirts are made out of 100% polyester. Cotton shirts absorbs moisture much more effectively as compared to the dryfit shirts, however it does not have the feature to dry as fast as the dryfit shirts.

Sublimation printing
To personalise and print dryfit shirts, Printcious uses Sublimation printing on the white dryfit shirts. Sublimation printing is ideal for 100% polyester apparel. While other printing methods is available to print on polyester apparel, sublimation printing allows the ink to sink into the material. This means that there is no extra texture on the print of your dryfit shirt.

To explain it in technical terms, sublimation is the change of solid particles in to gas particles. In the process of sublimation printing, the pressure and heat from the heatpress machine transforms the printed ink into gas. When this happens the polyester material picks up the ink in gas form and it forms a printed image on the shirt.

Another benefit of sublimation printing is unlike screen printing sublimation prints does not have a minimum order. It also able to print photo realistic designs and not compromise its quality. But the best part about this printing method is, it will never crack or peel. As long as your garment is in good condition, the sublimation printing will remain unchanged.

If you’re looking for dryfit t-shirts with your own personalised print on it, Printcious has a selection of dryfit products to choose from.

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