You see motivational quotes and inspirational quotes posted everywhere. On the streets, on the telly and especially on social media. But why are they so popular? What makes these slogans and catch phrases so special especially if they’ve been said and heard one too many times? Today we’re going to come to understand the psychology behind the popularity of motivational and inspirational quotes.

Life can be quite the challenge. You encounter problems and hardship from every source. Your career, your personal life and even the government. When you expect things to go as planned and they don’t, you hit that bump on the road and the only way to get over it is hard work. Now hard work is exhausting. No one wants to go through hardship, but we got to do what we got to do. So what do we do? We tell ourselves it’s going to be okay. We keep ourselves inspired and motivated.

But why quotes?
Everyday we’re hustling. At work, we hustle. The city where we work in, it’s hustling and bustling. Everything comes and go at a fast pace because if we want to get everything done in a day, we got to juggle. We don’t have the time to watch or read something inspirational to make us feel inspired. I’m sure if we read or watch and inspirational story, the impact is bigger. But it’s not the capacity of motivation we need. There’s a burning passion deep inside in what we do, and when it dims down we just need a quick jump start. Therefore quotes are perfect because we it’s short, impactful and accessible.

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