Are you always trying to impress our dad in hopes to get that nod of approval? Well get in line! The line to success that is. If you’ve completely exhausted all your means to impress your dad, you can always bribe him. At least he’ll be impressed with your gifting skills, right? If you have no idea what to get your dad for Father’s day, maybe this list can help you out. Read on for Printcious top 5 Customised Father’s Day Gift and Present Ideas.

After leaving the nest, I’ve encountered multiple problems that I can’t fix myself such as getting into my first minor car accident or changing my door knob. Every time I’m in such a situation I call my dad. If you’re just like me, this “Keep Calm and Call Dad” is the perfect gift for your dad.


The day your dad lost his “freedom” as a bachelor was when he tied the knot and started having kids. Long are the days when he hangs out at the bar with his friends and share mindless jokes. You being the reason why it all ended (and possibly your mum) makes this “Game Over” t-shirt an appropriate Father’s Day gift from you.


Remember the times when you fought with your dad? I don’t have to tell you that no matter how much you argue with your father, he will always love you. And I’m sure you love him too. So, here’s something for both you and your dad, “Keep Calm and Love Your Dad”!


When you’re just a lil’ kid, it seems as though our dad is a super hero. He makes sure we’re safe, he’s strong and smart. We carry that thought with us even as an adult, that our dad has always been our personal super hero. “I Have A Hero and I call Him Dad”.


This custom-printed mug may be straightforward but it sends a strong message. Being a father means to protect, nurture and guide a child into adulthood and it’s no easy task to do. Even if you and your dad don’t get on the same foot, remember being a dad isn’t about being perfect, it’s about trying and as children, we should be thankful for that. Get this “Thank You, Dad” to show your appreciation.