If you’re looking for something a little more hands on to give to your brother, but you have no skill to make anything, we’re just the guys to help you. From t-shirts to coffee mugs, these are a few things your brother might just appreciate. You can find all these suggested gift ideas for brother at Printcious.

1. T-shirt
Boys will never have too much t-shirts. Find a funny quote or silly graphics and upload them to Printcious. If you can’t find anything on the internet to print, Printcious has a large selection of graphics to choose from, just like this “Abuden” and “Walao eh!” t-shirt.


2. Mouse pad
A customised mousepad is a gift any brother could use. If he casually goes on the computer or if he’s an avid gamer, he would appreciate a mouse pad. If you know the games he play, you could have pictures of his favourite characters imprinted on the mouse pad. If he uses the computer casually, he might like this quirky “Mousepad“.


3. Mugs
A customised mug makes a quirky gift. If your brother is more of the silly kind, get him a mug with a funny caption just like this “Don’t give up on your dreams stay in bed” mug, or this “Escape reality and play games” mug. If he’s the kind to work out and gym a lot he might prefer the motivational graphics better.


4. Ceramic tiles
If your brother’s room is voided of any decoration, he could use with some personalised ceramic tiles in his room. You could print pictures of him and his friends (don’t print a picture of his girlfriend for him though that’s a little weird), or graphic of silly things such as this “Never Forget to Save” ceramic tile.


5. Puzzle
For obvious reason, a customised puzzle gift would be an ideal gift for a much younger brother. He could play with it on hours and trying to solve it. If you’re looking for something interesting to give an older brother, a customised puzzle works like a heartfelt note. Imagine a birthday card where you’d write sweet things on, the exact concept can be used on a personalised puzzle.

Image source to http://www.wallpaperup.com